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I use BeeLineGPS on an Ipaq pda, but my wife prefers the cheaper Garmin 200, I want to know how to put pocket quiries into the nuvi 200 as pois so she doesn't have to punch in the coords for every cache. I am sure it is very simple, but this is where I am starting so I don't have to wast time on research and trial and error.

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It's actually easier to download waypoints. Using MapSource, EasyGPS, GSAK, or your other favorite waypoint manager, just connect a usb cable and start downloading. You don't even need software - you can download directly from the website. The waypoints get stored in your GPS' internal memory bank. More details


For customized POIs, you need to download POILoader (free from Garmin) which will download your .gpx or .csv files into the POI index in your GPS. These get stored on your 'external' memory card. Although, I think some units let you store POI's internally. GSAK is the best software to use with POI's cause you can customized your POI's from a slew of parameters. More details.

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