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Help Me Pay My Bills Activated/Adoptable Geocoin Sale

Tennessee Jed

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Help Me Pay My Bills Activated/Adoptable Geocoin Sale


These coins would make nice addition to your or someone else’s collection


3rd Annual Florida Finders Fest $15

Bier $15

Brawny Bear LE Silver $10

Brewed In Quebec Silver $50

Cache Buzzards LE Satin Nickel $15

Caching with the Tide LE Black Nickel $20

Cape Cod Geocachers $8

Colorado 2005 $15

Darthi’s Dark Coin V.2 Shiny Silver $125

Drunners Ying & Yang (2 coin set) $25

Fliegenpile Silver Mushroom $15

FotoMom Silver LE $20

Fundamental & Venus #84 $10

Garmin Armed 2006 LE (badge) $15

GCC 04/08 $10

Geocoin Town LE Black Nickel $15

GeoDiesel LE 2007 $15

Geohills $10

Georgia Peach $15

Go and Get ‘Em 9 $8

Gone Caching 2 $10

GPS Spinner LE Silver $20

Graylling 2007 $20

Greater Abilene Geocachers Assoc. ‘GAGA’ $10

Lecco’s Mountains SE Two Tone $15

NVR2L8 $8

OshNdoc 2007 Copper LE $12

Ozark Mountain Geocachers $10

Rendez-vous Quebec LE Gold (2 coin set) $50

Satellite V.1 $15

SnowWolf Gold $15

Steal Your Face $20

Tampa Bay Geocaching $15

“team 9-er” Blue Ridge Boys $10

Team Deserteagle $10

Tikibirds $10

Triple Wisdom LE Black Nickel $15


Postage is $2.00 and 50 cents for each additional coin within the US. Tracking or insurance is additional. Payment can be sent thru Paypal. Overseas purchases will be charged an additional 7.5 percent.


Contact me thru my GC profile

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