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Google Maps Links on GC.com Are Broken?


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I'm not sure what's going on here...


Recently, when I click on a Google Maps link at the right side of a Details page for a benchmark on GC.com, I get a "we could not understand the location" error page, next to a national-level map of the US. This is apparently because GC.com (?) has started inserting successive open- and closed- parens characters [like this: () ] at the end of the lat/long string. If I edit out these characters, it works fine. Is this something my computer is inserting into the lat/long reference?


I'm not sure if this happens all the time or just every now and then...




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Good catch, Paul.


I looked at a geocache listing, and on those, Gc.com is inserting the cache ID in the parens. Google Maps is happy when there's text inside the parens. I don't know whether that's a recent addition to their Google Maps calls. If so, perhaps they forgot to add code that would insert the PID when Google Maps is called from a benchmark page rather than a geocache page.


Have you dropped a note to Groundspeak about the problem?



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That would give me credit for knowing how to drop Groundspeak a note... :)


I will now figure out how to do that and message them.







OK. I emailed them.


You might also go to the Geocaching.com Web Site Forum next time you come up with a bug. That is usually the quickest way to get to the Techies that run the site and try to fix these type of things. :)



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