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HP iPaq going paperless

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Try GPXSonar. GPXSonar You'll need to pick the version for your IPAQ. Older IPAQs won't work with the newer versions of GPXSonar so if you have an older IPAQ use the earliest version of GPXSonar.

I've tried Cachemate but went back to GPXSonar. I like it a lot better. I won't go back to Cachemate.

With GPXSonar you get a page that looks almost identical to the cache page on geocaching.com. Extremely easy to use. It's like scrolling down the cache page on GC.com. (View Page) You also can make field notes and do some calculations. There's no tweaking or spinning of the PQ to get it to work with GPXSonar. When you get your PQ.zip file from GC.com you just open that file and drag the GC file to your PDA. GPXSonar uses it as is.

GPXView is sort of like GPXSonar except it doesn't have some of the features of GPXSonar. GPXView The pages on GPXView look almost identical to those you get on GPXSonar and at GC.com. Like GPXSonar you have to pick the version for your vintage of IPAQ.

Both GPXSonar and GPXView are free.

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On a recommendation I tried GPXSonar on my iPAQ & had problems with it. Since the author 'retired' (no further support) I started a Yahoo Group on the app to try & build a client base to support each other. Unfortunately we never got beyond the first 4-5 members, and all save one were about like me - looking for help, .....and that ol' main bugaboo, nobody hardly ever wanted to post anything.


I asked did anyone want to take it over - I'd found an alternative method that worked for me/met my needs....but no takers, so I took the Group down. This isn't to demean nor denigrate GPXSonar, but it like its predecessors did have issues -- it's just a fact of life. I particularly liked that the author left it available on an 'Open Source' basis for anyone who wanted to continue working/improving it. ONE thing we did get out of the experience however, a gent from somewhere in Europe (?Spain? - can't recall) has tweaked & runs what he's referring to as Version 1.5 -- and of course was very happy with it. I'd put you (anyone) in contact if I only had the info still available -- we shut the board down about 2 months ago, & I didn't save any contact info.



One additional note - for iPAQ users....

There was (& is) a Yahoo Group named iPAQ World - was about the best going of the few iPAQ groups when it first started....but the owner didn't maintain it & it was quickly taken over by Spammers & Pornsters. After a good deal of coaxing, Yahoo broke precedent & 'moved in' to re-claim the abandoned Group, and turned it over to me. I've been very busy booting out the trash, and we are now back to something of a functional group, & starting to grow, picking up a new member now & then.


If you already knew of or had experience with iPAQ World, I promise you it's nothing like what it was before. I'm staying diligent, cleaning house & keeping the 'trash' out -- we're now a 'gated community' (*LOL*) meaning membership is not as wide open as before. I'd like to extend an invitation to any & all iPAQ owners/users to join us & help us grow -- we need you!!

Our front page is here: iPAQ World

If you'd like to join us, please be sure to include a wee bit about yourself & your iPAQ (eg, model) in your membership application to help us weed out the bad guys. It will greatly speed up the process.


See you there?


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