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Garmin Vistia HCx

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I have a 60CSX and just got the girlfriend a HCX a month ago. Yesterday in the truck I was lazy and didnt put mine in its holder on the dash and kept it in my lap, she was doing the same. She had a lock in seconds and I wasnt getting it. Gave up and put it on the dash and then got them under a minute. She has held a lock putting it in a her coat pocket. Accuracy is about the same on any given day. I guess I worry about the history of trouble with the E line though. the rubber band, the clicker, the screen trouble.

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I've had a Vista Cx for many years & have NO regrets, GREAT machine! Yep my rubber surround trim did came loose but Garmin mailed me a "free" repair kit to fix it (mine was WAY past the warranty period, by the way)


I bought my girlfriend a Vista HCx about 6 months ago. Her lock-on time is much faster than mine, and in general is as-good-if-n0t-better than mine. I highly recommend the Vistas!

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I have (soon to be had) one, and it's not a bad 'lil unit.

But I liked using my 60CSx better. I just found myself always using the 60 rather than the Vista. I bought the Vista as a backup.

When I lost my 60, I bought a PN-40 as a replacement.

Niiiice! I found my 60, so the Vista will find a new home.

BTW, already selected.

If you like the form factor, you will not be disapointed.


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I have had mine for almost a year and I am very happy with it's accuracy and it's ability to lock on under adverse conditions. This fall I used my for hunting and was very impressed how it maintained signal in it's case and how accurate it tracked. I had repeated some of my trails over the course of two days and the variance between tracks never varied by more then 27 feet. Once I set the electronic compass to always be on below 10 mph it was always quick to respond and settle after the unit was removed from it's case on my pack. When it comes to caching the unit has worked flawlessly since I have installed 2.8/2.8 and increased the compass activation point to 10 mph. I give the Vista HCx two thumbs up!

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