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Most DNFs in a row


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Firstly, thanks CapeDoc for keeping an eye on this one after so many DNF's.


Secondly, I would like suggestions, some say leave as is (although I have upped the difficulty rating to 4 stars), or should the clue be more desciptive/helpful?


What say you??

IMO, don't change anything - it's cool to have a difficult but easily accessible cache provided that repeated and intense searching is not causing environmental damage.


But slip me a clue offline so that I can find the elusive thing next time we're down there. :laughing:

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I cant understand that Boyes falls cache

I found it immediately when I first found it 2 years ago

Went past with a visiting cacher this sept, and we both spent ages searching, and even though I knew where it was, couldnt find it! (sorry, I see I never logged this)

Perhaps the heavy rains at the time was causing issues in searching and it was now behind the enlarged waterfall.

Weird, because when i found it, the cache in my opinion was a 1 for difficulty, and now its 4! Whats going on here :laughing:


have a look at the comments on the cache page.

"Quick and easy find

found it last night in the dark without my GPSR

Quick and easy find

I managed to easily find this cache

Some more night time caching. Found within seconds

Found this one in driving rain

Found it finally 7.30 p.m. in total darkness with a tiny flash light.

Nice quick cache

Found the cache easily

Found it within 1 minute

quick cache

Guessed spot, found from description - GPS not working. took about 2minutes to find

A quick find

Quick find"


the cache had 19 finds before a DNF, then another 14 finds, a DNF, then 11 finds, and now 11 DNFs.

are cachers getting weak nowaays (including me) or has something changed such as plants growing over the cache hiding spot? Come on tracknfind,shed some light on this for us :D

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