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Recreating TB's so you don't lose the orginal?

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When you order a TB, you get two tags. An "original" to send out, and a "COPY" in case the first one gets lost. You never delete the old logs when releasing a new copy, because you take the credit away from people who moved it, and you always wait a safe amount of time, or confirm that the original is really gone for good before releasing the copy. It the original comes back from the great beyond, try to call in either the original or the copy, by having someone send it to you, so there aren't two tags being logged. That would mess up the page and the miles.

If the second copy gets lost, you can alway go make another dog tag with the same number, and use that, but I repeat, don't let more than one travel around. Some TBs have shown up after three years of no logs. That's why we like to say there is always hope for a missing TB.

Some geocoin owners keep the original and make a "Proxy" geocoin to send out, but the page should say "Proxy" or 'Copy Coin" in the title or in the text so the people who don't like logging proxies don't get disappointed when they don't get to log a real geocoin. Some like them, some don't.

In my signature is a link to more information about trackable items.

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When it comes to travel bugs there is no copy, the bug you release is the one getting logged.


As Eartha stated you can release either the original or copy tag for your bug. One at a time.


Release a bug, and if someday it goes missing, wait to see if resurfaces and after an appropriate time release the second tag. Then, again, if that one goes missing release another tag resurrecting the same bug page.


It's all good.

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