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Santa Wants To Know...


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Map program Garmin Topo 2008 for my fairly new 76CSX.

Lots of batteries.

50 High quality caches with a great hike involved.

150 recalled lame caches in my area. Poof!

A leaf guide to identify trees by looking at the leaf.

A tract guide to identify critters.

A good snake book.

A book on digital photography.

A class in Photoshop.

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I want the ability to use, as a waypoint only, a location inside a National Park for a geocache.


Yeah, I know, dreaming...


Well, since you were not overly specific on details, check out the pinned subjects on the Canada section...

Parks Canada Rules... You aren't all that far away...


Merry Christmas!



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NotThePainter I want the ability to use, as a waypoint only, a location inside a National Park for a geocache.


Yeah, I know, dreaming...


You could do that right now, by writing a Wherigo cart with locations inside a National Park, and the final physical cache outside. Not that you'd get a boatload of finders, but it's doable right now. Merry Christmas

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Any hardtop jeep that starts every time and doesn't have doors that freeze shut as soon as the temperature goes below freezing.


The jeep part just because I really want a jeep and the rest is because that's the kind of car I have now and I've found I don't like it much. I have to be to work on time (32 students are waiting for me) so I start my car half an hour early in winter just to make sure I can work on time. If I can't get the doors to open, that gives me time to chisel on them with screw drivers and pry-bars, peeling some more of the paint off the side panels. If it won't start at all, that gives me time to call one of my co-workers and beg for a ride.


I'd buy a new car, but they are RIFTing (laying off teachers) in our school system at the end of this year and I don't want to have a car payment if I don't have a job.

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Jeep Wrangler or Rubicon, please. <_<


Ooooh! Good idea! I want one of those too to carry my caching puppy!


Good luck on the pup and the Jeep, Carleen!

Keep the first part of August open to come back to Colorado for the 3rd annual 4x4 and Geocaching event.

And/or Sax's campout event!

Good times!!! Plenty of Dogs and Jeeps at both plus loads of non-urban caching.




I recognize that dog! :laughing:



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Santa, please bring geocaching to a little girl who has never left the glow of the flat screen TV to experience the joy of walking through the woods after a fresh snowfall.


Santa, please bring geocaching to a bored couple who rarely look up from their iPods and laptops to talk with one another.


Santa, please bring geocaching to an overweight, overstressed middle manager who needs something to keep from going crazy.


Santa, please bring geocaching to someone looking for a healthy excuse to keep them on the path to recovering from an addiction.


For myself, I ask nothing. Knowing that these things will happen shall bring me great happiness.


:blink: Loved this post, thanks! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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Warm sunny weather so I can convince others to cache with me. I am a bit leary about going to some places by myself and my husband will only agree to go when the weather is nice....


so definately,.....warm sunny days.


And also I want the state cork-board with the state pins, but they' haven't made my state yet so I'm still waiting. :-(

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A Garmin Colorado! We're probably getting one in a couple of months to celebrate our first year of Geocaching, but if Santa wants to bring that earlier... ;)


Oh, and a good opportunity to go and meet our local fellow cachers, we badly need an event over here! (might as well play Santa here!)


And a whole lot of cool ideas of where and how to hide wonderful caches!

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I like summer caching best, since I teach & have a couple months off so I have all day to do it. I would like an unlimited amount of gas & hotel vouchers so I can drive all over the countryside caching (I think with the right pocket query I could get 1/2 the USA done this summer, 1/2 the next!). Of course there would be some side trips into Canada & Mexico! Oh, as much as I like hiking outdoors, only 5star hotels please! I'll need the pampering after a hard day of caching! :shocked:


Edited because I can't spell!

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A leaf guide to identify trees by looking at the leaf.


The leaf guide will help you identify the tree. But it won't help you if the cache hider has mis-identified the tree. Sorry. That 'fir' is a yew. That 'pine' is also a yew. That 'pine' is a cedar'. Or the NGS tells me to look for a triple-trunk cherry tree. Hmmm... It's a birch. Oh. Well. :laughing: I think my three new geocoins have arrived. But I cannot open that until the morning either. Oh well.

Santa baby,

Leave a sable under the tree

For me.

Eartha Kitt (Not the Madonna version!)


Geocoins! I got seven new geocoins!!

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