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Ok now what?


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Ok... I am a newbie. found one cache n one attempt with My Garmin Nuvie...Upgraded to the 60 CSx...ready to load with Caches...what software do i need to load first? I want to get my GPSr loaded up. I will by a bigger Micro Card soon...Came with 126megs...I also bought the 2008 Topo but left the cd at work. Please let me know what i need to do to get this GPSr loaded with functionl caches?






Ventura County Ca.

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A Garmin GPSmap60cx?!?!?!!?! You show wisdom beyond your years!!!! :D


You can actually download caches directly from GC.Com. Look at an individual cache page and you'll see a button that says 'SEND TO GPS' . All you need is the USB cable that should have come with your GPSr.


Now, going that route can take a little time. Not a big deal, it just can be a little tedious. If you have a Premium Membership with GC.Com, you can creat Pocket Queries (PQ's) that will have as many caches as you want on it. Then using GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife), you can open the Pocket Query, then download it to the 60cx.


However, for the meantime, use the simplest, easiest method listed first. Let me know how you make out!


Now, go get 'em!!!!


Grigorii Rasputin,



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I agree... I must admit I really like GSAK it has been very helpful.


Lets face it you can use all the help you can muster when you first start out and then once you get serious as well. The search for better information is endless.


Keep in mind that the Cache page holds a lot more information than you will be able to remember or load to your really nice GPSr (we have one too). For that reason you will also need to expand your information gathering. I use an IPhone and the really cool Application add on that Groundspeak has developed. Others use a PDA and some just simply kill trees (print the page - GS has provided many means in which to reduce the number of trees).


In any case read the Cache pages very carefully - it's way to easy to just load and go but be warned you may not know what you're getting yourself into - watch the Difficulty & Terrain start off slow work your way up - this will save much frustration and keep it fun. If you can run PQs you can control it to give you exactly what you want and are comfortable with. Just keep it Fun - there's no shame in DNFing you can always go back and try again later when you're better prepared.


Nothing beats getting together and learning from fellow Cachers. It is not only fun but very informative. Most will attend an event in their area and introduce themselves and find other Cachers that live nearby. Events are always a good way to lean more. You can also query locals from the cache pages - There are a lot of areas that have a local group and have forums that are more localized and offer communications with others in you area. Like Southern Ca Geocachers


Probably the best entry into the sport is the GS forums (course you already know that). I give 2 thumbs up to GS and the folks on here that are very helpful in many ways. I've yet to stump em.


Good Luck I hope you find all that you seek.


Welcome to the world of Geocaching!


It's all about the Journey!

Cache On!

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Oops, can you believe it, I forgot something...LOL


Make sure you calibrate your compass when you first turn it on. We have found that it can give false readings especially under tree or heavy cloud cover - this is usually right at GZ when you need it most.


We've found that at the start of an adventure if we do this right away we are good all day. We use ours to not only find caches but navigate the road to get there. With City Navigator NT N. American Maps it gets us there and usually the best approach. Thus we turn the unit on and leave it on all day. The find next feature makes good use of your time and makes for some fun adventures.

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GSAK is a great application, but it might be a little over the head of some first timers. Try using EasyGPS for a free, quick and easy way to load the waypoints to your GPS.


First make sure you have the Garmin drivers on your PC. They are on the CD that should have come with your unit, or you can get them from Garmin's website.


Next install EasyGPS, run it and configure it for your GPS by selecting FILE, then PREFERENCES, then ADD GPS.


Run a pocket query (selecting GPX files). I prefer my files to come unzipped, but that is up to you.


When you receive the e-mail with your PQ file, save the file to your hard drive. I have a folder specifically for GPS related files. You might want to create one to store these files.


Open the file with EasyGPS.


Connect your GPS to the PC and turn it on.


Go to EasyGPS and click on GPS, then SEND TO GPS.



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