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This is a thread just for the heck of it.... you don't win anything, you don't lose anything. It's just simple coin talk :yikes:


I got an email from a buddy the other night (a coiner). It got me thinking a bit about this whole coin thing, I've had these thoughts before but it just confirmed why I do what I do and why I am still into coins.


So my question is; why are you still here or maybe you took a break and came back. What really and truly keeps you coming back to buy/trade/collect/lurk/browse whatever it is you do here in the geocoin world? I'm not asking what got you started in coins but why do you continue to be involved in geocoins? Some people could care less about these small hunks of metal and others can't stay away :unsure:


I'm really looking forward to the diverse answers.


I've asked myself this question here and there. I always come back to the same thing. I suppose my answer is multi-faceted. I'm going to be very honest so my answer might be a bit surprising to some. I can honestly say that if I couldn't design geocoins, I would probably have moved on by now. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy collecting and trading with people but it's the expression of self - my world view - that I get to express in geocoin form and knowing that people love that and actually want something I did to put in their collection. On the exterior that might seem a little vain but I can assure you it isn't like that at all. There is more to this story. Like I said, when I create a design I put 110% of myself into it. I like to call it designing from the heart. I guess it's my own way of contributing to the world and I really love that. I usually try to explain a bit about the design so people have some idea of what I meant when I designed it but I also leave an element for others to allow their own interpretation. So what does this all mean (yes, I get wordy but that's just me, lol). What truly keeps me into coins is the ocassional letter/note I get from people that tell me a story that is important to them or what the coin means to them, some beauty they find in the coin that touches their life in some way. It's when I hear things like this that I know people are 'understanding me or the intent behind the design'. What an incredible feeling for someone like me and I can only say thank you to those of you who take the time to tell me how I touched your life and in return you touched mine. There have been a handful of times I have wanted to just walk away from coins and be done with it but because of these little treasures I get in letter and note form, it drives me to want to do better and put more smiles on faces. That is why I stay in geocoins and keep coming back for more.


Now mind you, that was the biggest reason, there are other factors at play but that one above is the reason I truly stick around.


Ok now that I just spilled my guts, your turn :D;)

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Just Because!!


I haven't been here long enough to get tired of it yet. I don't have a large collection, and I haven't been overly impressed with much of what I see, but the Community aspect of these forums has kept me enjoying my time here.


I have had ideas for a long time on some Coins to create(not fancy though) and have finally gotten the chance and support to continue forward with my ideas.


I do most of my work in paper, and several years ago, I used some scraps to create some round laminated paper "Coins" and have always wanted to make a real version...It should be finally in the works soon. I don't know if I will still be interested after I have those made. I will have to spend more time Caching, and less time here if I am ever to get them moving.

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I think, for me, it's the art.


Seeing the handiwork of an artist, minted and shared, is really exciting to me. I'd be designing my own coins, but just can't afford it. But I love the creativity and I enjoy sharing it. I used to belong to all the geoicoin clubs out there, but dropped two of them when I felt that their designs stopped being artistic.


I've somewhat gotten out of coins. I've never been big into collecting for myself, but activate and release the ones I buy. The economy going the way it's going, the number of released coins that have gone missing, has had me rethinking the whole coin-buying thing. Once in awhile I visit a seller's web sight and get really excited about the designs, but a look at my PayPal account stops me from placing an order.


Lots of neat coins out there, but just as many that mean nothing to me. And if doesn't have a meaning to me, why spend the bucks?

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Icondriac (there is another less flattering term LOL)




about 10% icondriac (love those icons) have to have in both columns though.....LOL

about 10% numbers....LOL

about 80% --- I really like moving coins and tb's around adding pictures to the pages whenever I can. I hope that puts the smile on the owners face, that is what I bring to this community, I hope. I really enjoy that aspect...I cache with some that discover only....not me I seek them out in caches to move on hopefully towards their intended goal. I know I had a smile on my face today when someone uploaded some pix to one of my IGM geocoins....loved it.....


Other than that I am not really sure why I have that rather large collection.....I know if push comes to shove I would only keep about 50-100 of the really special designs...that are really cool or mean something to me....or struck my fancy. The other 800 or so could move on..if I really needed to....YEAH RIGHT...

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Yup, I do get tired of the negativity once in a while so I have found myself sticking to particular threads where it is less likely to be. I guess from where I'm sitting now, it's a long way home and I've stuck with it because it connects me to people back home and around the world. In the end we are all here because of one common ground...geocoins.

I enjoy a good laugh or picture once in a while and I like to see the creativity that arises in the forums not just in geocoins but in cointests and that includes the type of cointests and the posts in the cointests.

I like discussions about coins, the history of coins thread that arose a couple of days ago I found was very interesting and informative.

I marvel at the kindness of some coiners and the ups and downs that we have in this boat called life.

I think that if you let the 'sell sell sell' aspect of the forums become your main focus (and I have) you are missing out on a lot more of 'the good stuff'.


Gosh, I just did yoga class so I'm pretty relaxed and I could go on forever but I am shutting up now before I pour my guts out too much.

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I've only recently started collecting coins so I guess it's still the newness to me. Some coins I've found have just been icons to me and nothing special but others once you see them and hold them - it's hard to let go.


I've seen a lot of coins here in the forums that were really nice but they didn't just jump out at me. I love the coins that have had a lot of thought go into them. The ones that give a feeling of connection to the designer. Some coins for some reason just feel like "cookie cutter coin". For some reason even though they may be different they look like every other coin. BUT THEN THERE ARE THE ONES that immediately get your attention for some reason and you just keep going back to them. I just want to see the coin and hold it. Some coins are great just because of a connection with the person you received it from.


I guess I didn't really answer any of your questions but it's the same as why do you love the people that you do. It's so different for each person.

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Im in the same boat as Rob. to new to this,,but I want to be apart of something and choose this!!!As we love to cache,(my wife dosent take part in the forums),,I just stumbled across the coin forums and never left.....?

Now Ive been here long enuff and have posted enuff for others to note who I am ,,Its hard to be new and be apart of a forum you dont know anyone yet. but that is changing slowly, and I enjoy it here,,with all you.


Also I have been simi good at art in general (Im good with my hands) and took to the first coin I found,,boy was it hard to let it go free... I admired that coin so much...But it was made as a cache/travel only coin and that version is not to be found in anyones collection,,other versions were made but its just not the same,, so we will just keep our fingers crossed very hard in hopes the maker will someday retire one from travel and gift us or give us the option to obtain it. I admire many designs ,,specificly Scavoks- as the detail to the design is so intricate!! I also have a design on the way but,,,,huusssssh!!! ;)


look forward to meeting everyone someday!!! :unsure:

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Well.... I collect many things - stamps, comics, little planes and these coins.


The main reason I collect is because of the sense of community and the stories behind the coins. Geocaching still remains on the "fringe" of outdoor activities - and these little coins represent that fact that I'm not alone in this strange obsession.


Also - I always had a hard time figuring out what I could use as a calling card or signature item - coins are fun like that. So I like the personal coins and the thought of camaraderie they invoke. In only collect coins that mean something to me because of personal interest or because the represent another cacher or community.

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1.Armchair caching - I was running out of accessible exciting caches and now just as they are being hidden guess what - slipped disc!! 8 weeks before i can reliably carry a pack of any description. Keeps me in the loop a bit.


2.Connecting. Unlike say my dad's spoon and matchbook collections other people really like to see my stuff! I been in some of the other gc forums and geeze people here are actually more welcoming! - err possibly because i have shiny things to hand out now ;) It wasn't always so eh?


3. Curiosity - I really really want to see certain coins


4. the art they are just gorgeous and i agree heaps better than the average souvenire geojunk which up until geocoins I have never wanted to collect. They also don't need to be dusted.

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I've let coin collecting take a back seat while I'm searching for work, but I still come back to find coins that really speak to me. I've only kept coins that I truly enjoy having, as I've realized that they are just hunks of metal--unless they really stand out because of a great quote, timeless design, or deeper personal meaning.


It really amazes me how many coins are coming out all the time! I only started collecting (and geocaching) 3 years ago, and I remember how hard I felt it was to get my hands on a coin in the wild, let alone to collect. Now there's a coin for everything, and it feels pretty overwhelming.


Many in this community have been very generous with well-wishing and spirit lifting to me personally, and that makes me come back, too. I appreciate all who have been so kind and generous, and hope that I can eventually be in a position I can make a coin of my own, and give back to the community in a meaningful way.


...and I keep my heart a-flutter trying to find some great mystery and "precious" coins. The ones that I really hope for certainly fall into that personal meaning category.

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I'm currently a little out of touch with the Geocoin community, but I consider many of the people here my good friends. I try to stay connected even though I'm not buying coins as much as I used to. So, I guess what keeps me coming back are the friends I've made here.



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I am reasonably new to geocoins. Found out about them in March while researching whether any Freemason lodges had ever done a Knights Templar charity coin. Ended up on epay. My jaw dropped. The designs were incredible. I thought "I'll just get those Templars". A week later I thought "I'll just get that Rosetta Stone I also saw". Of course that was the moment I crossed the line.


We have a show in Australia called Collectors and the presenter says that you get 1 thing because you like it and then you get a 2nd thing so that you have a matching pair BUT if you get 3rd, well, that's the start of a collection and there is no going back.


Its basically all your fault :0) Its your great designs. Up until this year I mainly collected "practical" things like books and cd's with the exception of the occasional bit of art. I like modern design and art such as Dali, Koons and Kostabi but its expensive on my salary.


Geocoins are affordable art. They can also be great art. Stamps and regular coins just didn't do it for me. I always liked the idea of finding treasure. I get excited by shiny metals, translucent colours and intricate designs. Look at it this way, because I am a relative newbe who doesn't appreciate the older simpler designs, well, that means there is more of those for you :0)


Finally and most importantly, I have found the overwhelming majority of the geocoin community to be very friendly and generous !

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This is one forum I haven't got sick of, in over two years now. Probaby because this is the place to find most of the advice, new releases, information and help on geocoins and people. It is the vocal hub around which our obsession revolves.


I have found geocachers in general to be a really great bunch of people, but the geocachers who are also geocoiners really make this game something special for me.


I mean, I just held an event for an American Geocacher who I met through these forums. And because of her, two cachers from other Aussie states came to Tasmania as well. What other game can compete with the friendliness of geocaching/coining?


And the coins....aaaaahhhh the coins. Their allure still holds me in their thrall :D I have never collected anything in my life until geocoins. I am the kind of person that throws everything away (much to the disgust of my son and husband). I dont like 'real' coins - money doesn't interest me, so I am not quite sure why I love geocoins so much.


Maybe it's because they are such gorgeous pieces of art. Easily portable (depending on how many you have!!!!) :rolleyes: and you can create great friendships through coining. There are so many of you I would love to meet in person, but probably never will :cool:


I think geocoins just keep getting better - obviously some are just made for the $$'s but the ones with thought behind them are great. I am also collecting the personal coins of the people I meet through the forums/chat rooms which makes the coins even more special.


Anyway, I shall stop gushing now :laughing:


But I do just want to say I LOVE GEOCOINS :lol:

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I suppose it's just because I'm a bit of a magpie and love shiny, colourful little things. :laughing::D


I don't have a big collection...... but love how each and every one of the coins in my little hoard, is a little piece of art in it's own right, and the learning about the meaning/concept behind certain coin designs is lovely too. :rolleyes:

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What originally brought me here were the coins...at one time, I just had to have them all. Now, I come to keep in touch with the friends that I made. I may not post as much as I used to, but I find that I cannot help but come in here to keep up to date with the folks that I've met through these forums, and occasionally pick up a coin that strikes my fancy.

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Interesting topic. Makes me consider why I'm buying pieces of metal instead of a other things that I've been meaning to buy. I'm still new to the coins (September) so the designs and elements are still exciting. I think if I would have never gotten my hands on one (the first one I was lucky enough to win in a cointest) I wouldn't have realized that they are really small pieces of art. I enjoy the coins with a background/story - it makes them all the more special. I like the idea of being able to make a reflection of yourself or what's important to you in a small package that can be shared with others.

Another reason I've stuck around I think is the friendliness of the forums here. My first coin I was lucky enough to win thanks to the generosity of that person giving away coins for prizes. People have taken time to answer questions and give feedback. So far from what I've experienced (unlike other forums - non coin) there is a lack of snarky answers and " search you newbie". I'm always a lurker on forums but this community has allowed me to feel welcome enough to post without feeling stupid.

Also the missions! The Santa mission was the first one I was involved in. It's a very neat idea and so much fun. Without the coins I would never have a reason or ability to connect to people who live 1000's of miles away in different countries. Overall right now I think it's the connection to people who have a common interest that keeps me coming back - oh yeah… and because the coins are shiny.

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That's a tough question to answer quickly, but I'll try. First and foremost is the absolute thrill I experienced when I found "Melissa". Caching was (and is) a blast, but finding that first, simple USA geocoin changed it for me somehow. It became not just a hunt, but a "treasure" hunt. I was hooked :D


Then it became a desire to leave treasure in caches myself. I want other people to feel that same sense of wonder and excitement. That feel of metal in hand for the first time is priceless and even years later, the excitement is there. Everybody should get to feel that excitement!


Later it became a desire to express myself artistically and help others do the same. I helped design a number of personal coins and had a blast doing it. Suddenly, a flood of people starting asking a lot of questions about getting personals made, but very few could actually afford to do it. About the same time I was starting to be asked more about designing commercial coins. I'd already designed a couple for fun, but now that I had a little practice the desire became to one up myself. Every artist strives to grow and for me this was a way to grow, share and even share friendly competition with my friends for new and exciting ways to make a coin.


Now it's become my outlet. I'm a professional artist and few pros still want to go home after a long day of work and start working at the same thing. Coins are different though. Coins are a treasure in a new way now for me. They've become my way of cutting loose and working in near total freedom creatively. It's a rare thing for an artist and something I now challenge myself with daily. It's not just enough to create, but I want others to feel the connection to what I'm doing. I want to hear those stories from people who say they feel the connection. Everyone has different tastes, but art done well communicates. When people feel the connection, I feel like I've done well. Designing coins connects me in a new way to all of you. Meeting you in person and hearing your thoughts is even better. Sharing ideas and passion for coins is the real treasure and maybe more important than the coins themselves. This forum is like a big gathering hall for our community. Even when you're not talking, just being here enriches you. :laughing:

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My name is LadyBee4T and I am a collector. Here is my story. (Actually it is the truth but any names have been changed to protect the others.)


This affliction started very young--at about 4 years old. I first started with rocks. Yes they were pretty things and I found them in the gravel road in front of my house. I showed them to my parents and exclaimed how pretty they were. My dad gave me a box to put them in and it was soon overflowing. I had to pick my favorites even though it was very hard and get rid of the others because I was only allowed one box. When they moved from that house when I was an adult I found my box of "precious" rocks. Yep they looked like rocks from a gravel road and I was able finally to let go of my pretty things! LOL Well actually not all as I still have some geodes and fossils that I have found over the years. Oh yeah petosky stones and........


Then came stamps and then pennies, nickels and dimes. Not too many of them though because I had no money (just like now) Baseball cards held my interest also until about 15 years ago when they slowed down the card shows around here.


Then about 3 years ago I discovered caching. In my second month of caching I found my first coin. I looked it up and it was so cool I wanted one of my own. Then I needed another and another and another. Another collection was born!!


My interest in the coins have been a roller coaster ride. I again have to decrease my collection as I won't add more binders and I need the money. I'm finding again that I am having a hard time letting them go as I did with my rocks when I was little. Yes they are just hunks of metal but oh so pretty!


What keeps me coming back to the forums are the friends I have made. I have no doubt that if I told some of you that I would be in the area and to recommend caches that you would join me or at least meet for a mountain dew with me (that's another addiction I have LOL) I have made friends all over the country and the world through the coins.


So now though I have to second what Karma said in your other thread Tsun. Make uglier coins so it will be easier for me to resist buying them and I won't have to start a 12 step program!!!

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I'm currently a little out of touch with the Geocoin community, but I consider many of the people here my good friends. I try to stay connected even though I'm not buying coins as much as I used to. So, I guess what keeps me coming back are the friends I've made here.



When you do get to play, YOU PLAY HARD! You guys shoulda seen this guy at Avroairs event! Every time I turned around he was giving a coin to someone! REALLY! :cool: Non Cachers, my buddies, ME...everyone at that event ill bet has felt the happy wrath of Marky!


When it came to us cruisin each others traders I mentioned pins... Off he sets to his car and brings back in a TUB of pins! :laughing: (a BIG tub) HOLY SMOKES!!!... Instantly it was "You got this one, You got this one"...untill I obatined EVERY pin he had that I didnt already have! I went home with several GREAT coins and a whole slew of pins, OVER 25! Better than that was goin home with a smile! Had so much fun visiting with old friends and meeting new!


Definatley wouldnt have went had I not been into Geocoins... One of the reasons I did go was because an Eartha coin was supposedly dropped in Half Moon Bay, only 30 minutes from the event! While the coin wasnt there, it was partly responsible for me attending.


Great fun has been had on multiple occasions thanks to these shiney little inadimate objects of joy!


Thats only one instance where coins have played a role in a Great day with GREAT memories!


My personal obsessions with coins commin up next! Well, maybe not next, as Ive expended my forum time already! :rolleyes: which is another story in itself! :D


:cool: ... By the way Tsun, Your coins are in manys MOST wanted category! You should feel that way, cuz yours are some of the most prized coins out there! "AND YOU KNOW THIS MANNNN!" If you dont, just check Ebay! :lol:

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Well, I guess I could start with, as a kid - I grew up in a Numismatic family (that means we collected coins - and more specifically US currency coins). Most of my families collection was stolen after I became an adult, but my magnet attraction to coins never left.


Geocoins became a natural addiction for me. In fact, what few "collectible US" coins I inherited - when I took them to the dealer/also pawn broker to purchase - I educated him about Geocoins. He educated me about storing "coins" or "metal medallions". Hence, I know a lot of the "flips" are not archivally good or safe.


With that said - why do I return here? Well, this has a Global contribution to forums ~ lots of posters from other than the USA. There is a wonderful commadare of friends. Some of the other "GC Forums" are not as active. I am interested in and choose to gain Global knowledge of Geocoins on a regular basis. I do visit some of the other forums but not as often.


My local state website is very narrow ~ compared to this the GC forums. I enjoy - Global friends! My luck with the missions has been wonderful ~ I was warned it might not be so good. I like seeing what is coming up for new coins and getting a heads up - often being able to get coins that sell out quickly.


Well, yes, I am one who sometimes sells on Ebay - so some would call me a lurker.........but, I hope I have given back to the community....by donations to the fund raisers for Tod and other things. My heart is big. Any sales I do have helped to keep me committed to coins.........thank you all, too - for some of the wonderful trades folks have made with me.


Did I tell you - Geocoins are Great! If you have any questions or comments - PM me!

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Like many others have said,


ohhhh shiny (only in more eloquent words).


Seriously, as a veteran of the US Army, I was given my first coin as a young Soldier (prior to geocaching). It and the coins I received since then always fascinated me. Mostly because of the history behind the coin, partly because of the design, and even more mostly (grammer I know) because the Boss felt that you had done a really good job and deserved some kind of recognition. Over the years the recognition part faded a bit (but not for the first coins received). The history remains.


I like geocoins for much the same reasons, although I do limit myself to coins that represent the military, nature, special places I've been, the navigational coins, and of course the select few that really hit the "ohhhh shiny" nerve.


I suppose the sense of community here is really cool as well....




the brewmeister (kids are in the house but not on the forums)

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I have always enjoyed collecting and collected coins for years. I started with pennies, then when that collection was nearly complete (except for a few key dates), I started collecting nickel, dimes and quarters. I lived in Japan for a few years and started collecting their coins. When that collection was nearly complete I moved on to Canada, and now Australia, al the while keeping up with the US series and looking for those bargins that would allow me to fill out the rare pieces I was still missing.


Geocoins and the icons are kind of like that for me. The bright colors are pretty and the artwork on many of them is truly inspiring. Plus the goofy ones never fail to bring a smile.


I have many hobbies and my focus on them has tended to drift from one to another and back again over the years, but caching and geocoins has held me in its thrall like nothing else. It shows shows no sign of letting up!


The thrill of the hunt is what drives me. Caching feeds this like nothing else!


And the people? The nicest I've ever met!

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I think there are a couple of key elements that keep me interested in collecting geocoins and visiting this forum.


For one, I think the variety of the coins out there is truly amazing. Like many others have said, they are pretty, sparkly, funny, artistic, etc. This is why I like the actual geocoins.


The collection bit, well, that's because, I love to organize things. Organizing geocoins is fun and since they are small, it doesn't take up too much space (yet). I am also a self-proclaimed pack-rat and have trouble letting go of coins that come in...so my collection is growing a bit faster than I had anticipated! lol!


I enjoy this forum because of the diversity of people. Most are REALLY helpful to new collectors and I see some very honestly kind people. There is the odd drama-thread and coin-begging but for the most part, I find the topics and opinions very interesting. I think this forum appeals to my thirst for knowledge about topics that interest me. Once I have an interest, I can't get enough learnin' done about it! I find others with similar passions can provide more information than a website.


Perhaps if I stick around long enough, I might see topics going "circular" but for now, I am happing to read, post occasionally and participate in the fun.

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Thanks tsun for starting a very interesting thread.


In a recent discussion about the fact that data media like magnetic tape and DVDs and floppy disks are really not that durable we concluded that books have a place and stone tablet is still the longest lasting medium.


But it seems that these metal struck geocoins may outlast us all. Whether they are in an abandoned coffee cup in the woods, a private collection or someone's sock drawer they will survive. Future finders will see them and experience that joy you discovered the first time you found a geocoin. They are a long term commentary about our times and our passion. They are not just a momento of the the moment.


So make your contribution to the legacy as an artist, collector or contributor. How best do you want to be remembered?

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For me it falls in to two categories now. Acquiring and creating.


Creating: I do it as a creative outlet, for the art and thats all. I'm an artschool dropout (went and got married dang it) and am now in pharmacy school. Nothing gets strange looks like drawing up the tree of life geocoin during pharmaceutic-biochemistry class. I won't lie and say money has nothing to do with it. Having a hobby that pays for itself is very nice. I'm yet to make a profit big enough to have money left over after fronting the next coin's minting, expesive stuff for a starving student!


Acquiring: Also for the art. I see a ton of great, fun coins through these forums and elsewhere, but I'm abnormally picky about which ones I purchase or trade for based on artistic quality. When it comes to trading in person, it doesn't matter that much at all what it is for. Getting to meet another cacher in person sometimes I just give coins away in celebration of the event :)


My wife on the other hand... I just tell her I could have worse hobbies.

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I still hang around here (When I can) cause its still a fun place! I like to think I have friends here and like to hear whats been goin on and what folks been gettin, new mystery coins and just fun topics.


Still into coins cuz I love em! I like getting new coins in the mailbox, even if they get traded off soon. Its great fun to get surpizes or find that a surprize was appreciated :laughing:


One of the things I like most recently is goin through my coins and lookin at all the older ones that either I got long ago, or I thought Id never get long ago...Its just fun!


I like my Benchmark coins and look at em in my little binder along with my mystery coins and personals of others. I cruise through my keepers and seperate my BEST keepers and ones that WILL go into a book N stuff like that.


Gots me a dartboard with all my geo-pins on it...Its fun to look at, cuz theres so dang many all in one place! :)


Its fun to trade, seek out coins your after or make some else happy with one you have...Just still really like geocoins!!! :anicute:


Sweetpea thinks they are stupid and I try to keep em out of the way as much as possible, but Im always playin with my coins in my own little room and have coins strewn out over the shelves on my desk in seperation efforts, or little coin wrappers here and there, or a pile of flips...COIN STUFF, all over! :D


I really cant deny that I am a Freakin Coin GEEK! :D Not many people around me get it, but I SURE DO! :)

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The whole concept of geocaching and everything that goes with it just cracks me up. Using billions of dollars of satellite technology to locate and sign a small piece of paper hidden somewhere, maybe trade a trinket or two, then go home and tell everyone here all about it. Trackables? Geocoins? Really quite bizarre!


By gosh I think I'm hooked on it.

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I enjoy the creativity of others that the coins declare. It is a marvelous think, not the coins only but the abundant ways of expressing who you are found in ammo cans in the woods whether it is a card wooden nickle etc... Geocaching in general is people sharing with people their creativity and resources from the name given to a cache, from the cache itself to the original contents to the things left afterward s, to the creative hide, to the pictures posted and the coins released. It is a game of sharing! Geocaching depends on the generosity of others to survive. Caches placed, coins released, logs made, pictures posted.


To all of you whe design. release, place, and find I say Thank you!

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I discovered geocaching a few years ago.. Loved the chance to use the gps i had and was a good excuse for a walk. I don't get to actually go caching as much as i would like but life is like that. I'm in to caching for the long term so get caches now or a couple years from now it doesn't matter to me. As for the coins probably hooked right away was totally fascinated by the idea that anyone could make there own coin. I told a friend at work about caching and coins and he caught it worse than me. While i was designing my first coin and drawing and redrawing it and coming up with the saying for the back. he contacted a designer and had his first coin with in a few months . But the idea that these little pieces of art were being appreciated and sought after all over the world was and still is a great feeling.

As for the forums this was also a new thing i had never been a forum person before i am probably more of a lurker . But do try to contribute once in a while . and i do enjoy reading the new threads and of course the Drama is always interesting It is like having a really really large family . I am thankful for everything that geocaching has done and given me and the chance to meet and talk to many new an interesting people And of course all those shiny little pieces of metal.

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This is an excellent question, and I've been thinking about it for a while, because I am not really a person who collects things. I don't have any knick-nacks in my house, and am the kind of person who 'purges' all the closets and drawers every fall and spring. What I am willing to put to the curb, garage sale or garbage just drives my pack-rat of a husband to distraction. Whenever I get involved with crafts, they always end up as practical objects (I love designing with fabric, so I make quilts). When I look at all of this behaviour, I ask myself, why am I collecting a mass of small, shiny metal objects with no practical purpose?


First I looked at what I DO have around the house.


1. Art. My mom was an artist and she ran a gallery for many years through my childhood. I grew up with a sincere appreciation for the talent, vision, communication, themes and techniques offered through fine art.


2. Quilts. I can't stop designing and sewing quilts. They are on every bed and every couch in my house. I keep sewing anyway and am running out of family members to give them to. To me, they are art in fabric form.


I took a look at what I do:


3. I am a Landscape Architect. My training includes graphic design and I work to create beautiful outdoor spaces. Every day I am working with form, color, texture, and physical experience.


Then I thought about the only thing I have ever collected (don't laugh!):


4. Magic the Gathering Cards. I was introduced to this game by a friend when it first started. Aside from being hooked by the gameplay (I am an avid puzzler / gamer), the cards themselves were GORGEOUS. The art and quotations on them made them just beautiful to look at, and I found myself keeping sets of them, even as I played less and they contintued to come out over the next 15 years.


Then I thought about how I was introduced to geocoins:


5. I found my first coin in a cache and like the rest of us here, was just so excited and amazed. I loved the detailing, the weight of it, the fact that I could log it and it came with a little icon.... (you know the drill!)


6. I started putting out my own caches (which were puzzles) and wanted to have something extra in the cache for folks who went to the trouble to find them. I began to get a few coins that matched my cache themes to put them as residents in the cache for finders to discover.


7. And here is where it all falls apart - I found Ernie's FLOWER OF LIFE coin. Something about the design of this coin, the classic structure, the graphic nature of it, the choice of colors and finishes, that was the beginning of the end for me and I started buying coins just because I HAD TO HAVE THEM.


So here I am, with a collection that at first, was limited to certain themes, and is now just a floodgate of 'what appeals to me' - which can be nostalgic (etch-a-sketch or the fisher-price-puppy), thematic (flower, tree, gnome and earth coins are a must), or just downright gorgeous and inventive in design (080808, tranquility, earthturtles, etc...).


I put coins out into the wild for the fun of sharing them with other people. I give coins away to family and friends. I put residents in every cache I place. I buy coins I know that someone will love if I can only hook them into geocaching one day! I sketch coins I will probably never find time to produce. I drive my family several hundred miles to GCF just to meet folks I've only seen posts from on the internet.


I don't know that all of those above items really answer the question though. I think when someone is passionate about something, it isn't always logical or easily explained.


Thanks for this thread.

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