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COINTEST Who Do You Know ?

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Congrats WSR!!! ;) Well deserved!


When I think of #1...its gotta be Marky and Joani! Dude, Im tellin ya, If there is one thing that makes these guys happy, its givin somebody a coin. From my earliest days at the first Geocoinfest (where I knew NOBODY!) Here they are with their basket of geocoins to realease to 1 person in every state, passing out Nano Rock caches they made to everybody...HUNDREDS seemed like! :)


Every event Ive been to, ive seen them spreadin the "love of geocaching"( :) ) in one way or another and I can't even speak for their 300+ caches out there!!! Hung out in the lobby till the wee hours after GW just pickin out oldies here and there like show and tell. OH, we wont even talk about the last event! Lets just say my pin collection darn near doubled, traded some sweet coins and saw him spreadin that Marky love to...well, everyone who he hasent already basically! (it was a small event :cry: ) Psssst, My buddy thanks you and that Complete MUGGLE thanks you :blink: ~ :)


Just DANG dedicated Geocachers I must say! Very giving, creative and Always a pleasure! :D


and I just checked, he's got almost 3000 activated geocoins :) ~ :anicute: That aughta count fer somethin! :wub:

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Look what a little Snowman brought me!! WooHoo, I love the Coin, Thank You. this size if great for this Coin, if it were bigger I don't think it would look as great.




Wow! Love the card and the coin, and received identical ones myself!

I am thrilled and humbled all in one.

This was really lovely of you to give away your lovely coins.


The community spirit of this forum is so alive!

Thanks to you all, for taking me in, allowing me to being so much a part of your on-line lives.

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I wasn' t going to add to this cointest but I really think there is someone in Calgary, AB who deserves this coin...actually more than one person!

1. PrairieSwan- a great friend and caching partner who is always the first to donate doorprizes at Calgary caching events like CITO, WWFM, and CCARS (Calgary cache and release). She is also always the first to donate her time as well. Pam is a warm caring person who job is chief fundraiser for the Calgary chapter of Canadian Institute for the Blind (CNIB) and so she makes it her life's passion to HELP others!

She recently sent me a beautiful card signed by all my caching friends from Calgary which helped ease my 'homesick blues' quite a lot!


2. Peanutbutterbreadandjam-yes, that is him caching name and yes, he has a stamp.

He is the regular organizer of Calgary CITOs and also is the brains behind Calgary cachers projects like bumper stickers, and CAC logo themed products. He will even organize spur of the moment CITOs when he runs across an area that desperately needs it.


3.LemonFreshDog- of course most of you who don't know Frank will recognize his name from his coins, he is one of the original coin pioneers out there (not saying he's old, he's not) but he is also one of the most generous people in the coin world. He gives a lot of time and effort to the sport/game called geocaching...he runs regular 'learn to geocache' lessons as part of the City of Calgary's outdoor fun program and let me tell you, no one from his classes goes home emptyhanded!


So, the generous spirit of these people has overwhelmed me and got me to post. All 3 deserve a reward now and then....

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i don't think i could add anyone who hasn't already been nominated. such a wonderful group of caring and generous folks. each special in their own way for what they bring to the hobby of geocoins. i am afraid to repeat all the names because i know i'll forget someone!


BUT two folks stand out in my mind, bluemotmot because she is one of the quiet ones doing things behind the scenes without much fanfare - and she has become a true friend.


and castle man. for all that he does for kaitlyn and for all the coins he drops in caches and for so much more i can't even articulate!



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My nomination would be luvs2walk. These are the people that got me started with geocaching, following the death of my wife. They were aware of the fact that "free time" for me, was time not welcome, and shared with me their favorite pastime, geocaching. They have always made it clear that I am welcome to joint them on their outings, though I will admit I prefer the time alone with my cache hounds.

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