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TB from France


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I'm visiting Doha for a few weeks in December and I'm looking for a cache in which I can place a TB I picked up in the Pyrenese. Most of the ones I hope to visit are, in the main, micros.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a standard sized cache not too far from the central area so that this little devil :rolleyes: can move away from France.



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Generally speaking the majority of caches in large cities are micros due to the nature of cities around the world - they are BUSY and full of muggles! :huh: Not sure of the size of the TB that you want to place, but a TB should fit in any of the following :- College of Knowledge, Advanced Learning, Lusail Olympic Shootong Range, Losail International Circuit, DIA and Doha Airprort. These are all within a short taxi drive of the city - depending of course on where you will be staying.


Feel free to PM me and I will willing pick you up and take you to a few of the caches as well.


Enjoy your trip to our lovely city.



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Thanks for your help and giving up your time, by the way I've now changed my GPS.

Next time I visit which will be towards the end of the year I owe you a meal!!


This sound very interesting :P I will look forward to your trip next winter. :D cslyoda is now settled in Brisbane as well. Regards to Aussie Pixie.

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