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What is the best glue for wood on plastic?

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Pvc Pipe


Gorilla Glue definitely. You can find this at almost any home improvement / hardware store. BUT!!!! rough up the PVC really well with VERY coarse sandpaper. Also, if it's possible, very small screws drilled into the PVC where the glue will be applied will help hold it onto the PVC. Gorilla Glue isn't cheap, but a little goes a long way. You might also try epoxy.


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I've tried different glues including Liquid Nails, epoxy, JB Weld with different levels of sucess. What I have found works very well is drilling a few small holes in the plastic and making sure the glue "squishes" through. Taping the inside of the pipe might work well to keep to much glue from seeping in.

Sound like an interesting project.

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I would appreciate any help with this.


If you really, really don't want it to ever, ever come apart, here's the answer: 60 Minute Epoxy.


Forget the 5 minute epoxy stuff in the syringe, and get the 60 minute epoxy. It will take 24 hours to fully set, but once it's in place, it's not coming apart. I've been using it to attach wooden/plastic/celluloid handles to steel knife tangs, and the stuff just plain doesn't come apart. Ever.


The two small bottles are in one box, and will run about $15 at the local Lowe's/Home Depot style store. Wipe both surfaces with acetone to rid the surfaces of grease/dirt/etc, and then apply a thin film to one side. Clamp the two together, and let them rest for 24 hours. Two have now become one. It's pretty much fail-proof.

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For thin materials (e.g., eucalyptus bark), I've had success wrapping the plastic container with Gorilla Tape, and then gluing the material to the Gorilla Tape with an outdoor caulk/adhesive. For heavier materials (e.g., half-inch-thick wood), I've had success creating a mechanical connection to the Gorilla Tape using a screw and a fender washer, and then using the Gorilla Tape to stick the material to the plastic container.


In general, I like creating a mechanical connection, and then using adhesive/caulk to seal the holes created for the mechanical connection.

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