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Question about Geocaching stickers

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I've been printing my own cache document and putting them on the inside of the lid for ammo boxes, and all the different sized lock & locks. This even works for peanut butter jar sized caches. You can get various documents from here and alter them for size, etc. You can even add your own contact info if you want. Print it out and laminate to the inside of the lid with packing tape. Laminating on the inside means the sticker will last as long as the container.

I have all the different sizes I need.

I then also write on the outside with marker.

If you want, send me a PM and I can forward the forms I have for the sizes mentioned above. I can even put your contact info on them if you want. (like your caching name and email)

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I don't want to pay that much for the stickers either, so I just take a black marker and write "geocaching.com" on the container.


A lot of other people do the same.


That's exactly what I've been doing. I've found a nice metalic silver sharpie that works great on ammo boxes.

You can find them on Ebay. I like the official stickers. If a muggle finds it I feel the ‘Official’ sticker makes it look like a real game piece opposed to something the neighborhood kids were playing around with. Plus it shows the owner cares enough about his cache to spend a buck or two. Chances are if there is a real sticker, the container is also a nice container :rolleyes:

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I am new to the sport and would like to put a few caches together. I have been looking for stickers to put in or on the container, but all that I can find is singles. Is there somewhere that I can purchase a roll of stickers or are they only sold individually? Thanks - 69rrvert


Welcome to Geoecaching!!!!!


If you access to a computer with PowerPoint, Publisher, or Excel, and a color printer, you can make your own! The finished tag can be laminated at a Kinko's or other business printing center.


Cache Safe!!!!

Grigorii Rasputini



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