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mystery coin givers


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You can add the Charlie brown egg and Woodstock egg to the list... they seem to be found in caches only.


Will do. Do you know anything about these coins? Like metals, or maybe even have a picture? :)


check out the The Easter Geocoin Bunny! post



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Thanks everyone! I'll get it updated soon. :lol:


Congrats on finding one! ;)


Thanks, I got lucky. :blink:


For everyone else, I have the spreadsheet up to date and all the info I know filled in. If there is anyone who knows more information, or has a picture, or a better picture, please, please let me know. I hope you enjoy this and find it a bit informational, I know I learned a lot making it. :laughing:



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and... Mr Gray also has a gold version of his coin, but only 2 exist! one has Mr Gray and the other one... me! :D I won it in the icon contest! I was deeply honored by having 001!!! :)


WOW!! That's fantastic!! Congratulations! :D Would you be able to get me a photo, so I can add it to the list?

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I am a bit confused about these mystery coins. How are they given out? Is it only at events, as I have read a lot of people came back from geocoinfest with quite a few? As a newbie, I havent yet had the opportunity to attend big events so is there any other way to add these amazing coins to my collection as I know that all those that have received them will be having vaults installed to keep them in :P

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I am adding this one to the list. 49e0d115-a3ef-451c-8364-e3f6c9692d42.jpg


Congratulation to get one of my most favorit Coins all over the world.


Many thanks for let us know and many thanks to the mystery coin giver who send out some of this fabules coins.


Best regards René


Did Luke give you one?

No not at the moment, but i hope so much that sometime i meet him, or i could find one in my postbox, or i could find who someone who wants to trade. I would do all to get one of this coins.

Best regards René

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