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Tsun, Thank You for sharing your geocaching experiences with us, the sites of the Mountains and the river and of the dam and seeing your dogs again, and hearing you voice and knowing you are enjoying what nature has to offer and finding a cache that is all stocked up and all, beautiful weather and seeing wildlife, what more could you ask for? Now that is a sweetlife!

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Hence the reason why I always come home banged up, lol. I told myself before I left I should put my hiking boots on but knowing the river was there and I'd be standing in it kept me from doing the smart thing :wub: By the time I was done my feet were black and I had been stabbed by more pine needles and small rocks, oh well, you only live once :P I'll probably have to be a bit smarter when I'm older ;)


I loved this! Must be something about Montana girls, I'm always out caching in my shorts and sandals. I bought a pair of hiking shoes to wear while caching, I think I've worn them about 3 times. :) It was great seeing you drop one of those coins for someone to find. Mine is one of my most prized coins and mom couldn't have been happier about the one she found when we went to Helena.

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It has taken a year and a half but today I left my first silver Cowgirl coin in a cache :P I think I've dropped around 10 - 12 gold ones in caches but never the silver as they were saved for more difficult caches or spectacular caches.


I haven't logged the cache yet not that anyone here would be able to run out and get it anyhow. It's pretty much way out in the mountains. I'll be writing up a story and posting the video footage in the next couple of days. I'll post a link to everything once I'm done ;)


Just thought it was kind of a big coin deal for me :) I was pretty stoked to leave it today! I'd say today was one of my most favorite days caching. Montana has some pretty awesome hidden gems if you're willing to risk getting out in the remote parts.


Anyhow, I'm off to bed, I'm just beat after all that fun :o


Just had to share...



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Ok, finally got the video up although I haven't done the "Official" blog of the caching experience yet. So many things to do and so little time to get them all done ;)


It was a bit windy when I was caching so on some of the video sections I'm drowned out by the wind. It's a montage of pictures and video throughout my caching day.


I've featured 2 caches in this video.


As a person who loves Montana (like most of you haven't heard that before :P), I've moved to doing videos and some pictures on the caches I look for. I'm not a numbers person so most of the time I will research for a few caches where I feel I can really be out communing with Mother Nature and have the area to myself to just enjoy in the grandeur of a beautiful Montana day and be able to share with others on some level what it is that I experience when I go caching. It's also a way to highlight some of Montana since many people will never venture out this way for a number of different reasons.


Pictures and video can never fully capture the feeling of an experience like this but it's worth a try :)


I hope you enjoy :ph34r:



PS: The critter shots; Wild turkeys, coyote, antelope (pronghorn), bald eagle, grouse hen.


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