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how long for topo2008 to install


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Trying to install topo 2008 to my computer...getting very frustrated at this point.

I try to run the program and it gets to the copying files, and then sits there for 10 minutes without the status bar moving. I can hear the dvd drive clicking, but see no change in status. I get ticked and stop the install.

I'm ready for bed, and hope someone can give me some instight on how long it will take to install the program files to my computer.


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It sounds like your DVD player is having a tough time reading the disk; sounds like the player is encountering read/write errors. I am guessing you won't get it loaded. There are any number of reasons why the disk isn't reading, it could be the disk or the player. Try the disk on another computer and if it works replace your player or have some one make a copy of your disk and try the copy. Sometimes a copy will work where the original won't because of reflectivity or a track variance. You could also try cleaning the player, it's a long shot but sometimes lint or dust will get on the LASER and attenuate the signal.

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