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Australian Postcodes


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I have noticed that there is a recurring problem with searching for caches via Australian postcodes on the main page of the website. I first noticed this problem after installing the goecaching app on my iphone and now it is happening on the home page of the website.


Entering a 4 digit Australian Postcode gets you caches from elsewhere in the world. For example my postcode in Bendigo, Vic 3550 returns caches in San Pedro and searches done for another town in Victoria (Ballarat 3350) returns caches from Texas!!

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Hi obehere, I just noticed your question on the GC forums about postcodes. I believe they are an US feature as this site is US based, so it will not work for us Ozzies.

Try and visit this Site and ask on the forums here for more info, as it is where you will find most Ozzies hang out.


Yes you will have to registor same as GC site, there is even a space for each state to list.

Hope this helps JABs.

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Hi JABs,


Thanks. It's only been recently that the Aus postcodes have not been working properly so I think maybe there have been some changes to the database that may have broken it. Not sure though. Hopefully the gurus in charge might be able to shed some light on it.

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