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Announcing: The Eclectic Penguin coin!

Eclectic Penguin

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Announcing the development of my first personal Geocoin – The Eclectic Penguin!




I’m still in the early stages of the process but as you can see I’ve now had sample coins made and the coin itself is going to remain relatively unchanged from this example (though I'm looking to see if I can get some texture in the tail of the final coin).


The coin will be trackable with a minimum run of 250 being initially ordered so will have its own logo. The metal colour is bronze so as to extenuate the penguin’s beak. I’m hoping also to have a limited run of 50 gold coins which initially won’t be for sale but will only be available from me personally at events or to friends – but again it’s early stages for this as yet.


To describe: The front of the coin is an obvious caricature of a little penguin. The beak will be represented by the metal of the coin and as are most penguins, will be largely black and white in colour. The feet however will be orange. To add to the effect (and because he likes to be a smart penguin) he’s wearing a purple bow tie and three purple buttons represent his tuxedo. Those in the Linux fraternity (of which I am one) won’t lose the nod to the OS’ famous mascot.


The back is deliberately basic – it has “The Eclectic Penguin” written in protruding metal as is all the printing on the back – a small tail is represented by a grey triangular mark. The feet are also orange on the back. The back will also sport its uniqe Groundspeak tracking number.


The coin is a personal coin for the obvious reason that my Geocaching moniker is Eclectic Penguin and also because this is my avatar, representing me on the forums and also at events etc.


I’ve yet to price the coin as I don’t know how much import tax I’ll have to add to the existing costs, but it’ll definitely be in the same ball park as your average quality coin so it won’t break the bank. Although there will be international shipping to the States, postage costs from the United Kingdom are quite reasonable.


As I don’t know the exact final cost of the coin, I’m not even asking you good folk to pre-reserve at this stage, but I would ask that, if you’re interested in buying a coin or more, may I ask you to pre-register your interest, please get in touch letting me know how many coins you’d be interested in when they finally become available. I’ll contact you then (and only then) via your contact email address to let you know how and where to buy the coin – those who pre-register will have priority.


You can contact me at epcoin (at) eclectic-penguin . org . uk (my preferred contact for registering interest) or alternatively through my Geocaching contact.


As to availability - although I'm marching ahead as quickly as possible with this, I somehow don't see me getting the batch before Christmas - but they'll hopefully be available in the new year.


I hope you like my first Geocoin – I hope it won’t be my last!

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I like the look of this coin. Especially the inclusion of the bow tie and the button to complete the tuxedo look. With both the bow tie and the buttons being purple it kinda reminds me of my brothers wedding (we all had dark purple bowties and vests on with our tuxedos). I would be interested in a couple of them also...


Email sent...

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...and Hywel has sold 24 or so already so get your orders in quick people...

Well, I sent an e-mail and if I remember correctly a confirmation (I guess I'll have to look back in my e-mail archives) but have not received an invoice yet... so I think my order is in... :laughing:




I dont think Hywel is taking money just yet ....apart from a couple of shopping cart testers but he was looking for numbers of likely purchasers at the event on sunday so you may want to drop him an email or check out his blog here http://eclectic-penguin.org.uk/coin/blog4.php/2008/12/28/wow

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AAAARRRGGGHH!!! :anitongue: I was just processing my order when it converted into Australian Dollars - $20 for one coin plus shipping!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't do that, I'm sorry :laughing:


This may be the start of me only trading for a while :laughing: The Aussie dollar is woeful. :laughing:


Swap for a March of the Penguins coin ?

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