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Alkaline V. NiMH

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Does anyone have experience with using NiMH batteries in their Garmin 60Cx. I don't go through a ton of batteries but if I could cut down on my total battery disposal and there are very few or no disadvantages I would like to switch over and start using rechargeables.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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A good quality charger is almost a necessity for good performance from your rechargeable batteries.

The MaHa, or LaCrosse from Thomas Dist. come to mind. They both monitor the charge state of

the individual batteries that are installed, and provide the ability to select a charge rate that is

appropriate for the mAh rating of your batteries, as well as other features to resurrect and condition


A good starting point for charge rates is between 30% & 50% of your batteries mAh rating.

These ought to get you started :








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The biggest disadvantage of regular NiMH batteries is "self discharge", in other words if you charge NiMH batteries and let them sit they will discharge over several months (about 20-25% a month). If you are a frequent user it isn't a big deal but you use your GPS every few months you might find it has discharged significantly.


There are "low discharge" NiMH batteries that have less capacity than standard NiMH batteries but don't discharge nearly as fast. These might be a better option if you are an infrequent user. Both can be charged in the same type of charger.


Other than that there really isn't much disadvantage to NiHM batteries as long as the device you are using it in can handle the slightly lower NiMH voltage (which the 60cx can as long at the battery type setting is set to NiMH).


If you do go down the NiMH path make sure you get a good charger like the Maha MH-C9000 or the less expensive 204. Chargers do make a big difference in the quality of the charge and life of your batteries.


If you are curious about how much run time you'll get out of the 60cx on NiMH batteries I just completed a test over on GPSFix on the 60CSx which will be very similar given my testing was with the compass turned off. You'll probably see as good or better results with 2700mAh NiMH batteries than most alkaline batteries, they won't cost as much over time and you'll be throwing away a lot fewer batteries.





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