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Hardest Central Florida Cache ( Your opinion needed )


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Im in the process of making a Multi- cache in the Central Florida area ( Kissimmee ). This cache will be somewhere in the area of 15 to 20 caches and located all over the Kissimmee area. Cache #1 will have the cords posted on the web site and that cache will give you the cords to the next. Nothing different here. HERES THE CATCH. You need to pay EXTRA ATTENTION to your surroundins on ALL caches as clues will be placed at caches or nearby, that you WILL need for later caches. All caches will have a minumun of 4 GPS numbers for the next cache, one will be correct and 3 will be wrong. If you get a wrong GPS number and go to it, it will have a cache there and it will also have questions to get to the next cache. THE KICKER is that you might get to cache #7 and it will say " you made a mistake along the way". You will not know where the mistake was made and may have to start over. Each cache will have some type of question, puzzle, riddle, ect, ect, to get to the next one. At the final cache will be the FTF prize, and bragging rights. Im thinking of a $50.00 bill. In order to get to the final cache you might need a clue from cache #2,#6, #14, ect, ect. So Situational Awareness is a must on this multi cache. All the questions, riddles, puzzles,ect, ect will be in the final cache so you can see how I came to my madness.

Im looking for people who might be interested in trying this cache. It will take a month or two to get it up and running and I dont want to waste my time if no one will try it. If this is something your interested in let me know on these forums. Also this multi-cache will most likely take a day or two to complete. When I get it completed I will post it so it will start on a Saturday.

Looking for input.


Alan & Amy

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I would absolutely go after that cache (and probably never find it...). I work at Disney and do a lot of caching after work, so I would totally hunt that for a few hours each week. Hope you can make this cache happen.


EDIT: I also hope none of them are hidden in front of a walmart.

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