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Garmin Oregon And Eneloop batteries.


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Hello, I am currently using 2700mah NIMH batteries and am pleased with the the battery life.


I am considering buying some low discharge batteries such as the Eneloop or other brands.

The Garmin Manual states that its best to use 2500mah or better, but the highest low discharge batteries are only rated 2100mah.


Can I still use them? If i get 5 or 6 hrs battery life with the backlight on I'd be happy.


It would be nice just to keep a set of low discharge batteries in my car in case I have forgotten to charge my regular NIMH batteries.

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In my experience and testing these low discharge (eneloop or Hybrid) NIMH batteries run at a slightly higher voltage than say regular 2500-2700mah NIMH batteries when fully charged. This higher charged voltage translates into just as much runtime for me in my Colorado and even more runtime than the high mah rating batts.

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The Eneloop is a hybrid type NiMH. I do not have the Oregon, but I am using hybrid AAs in two GPSrs, and 3 cameras, and other things. I have completely converted to hybrids, specifically the Kodak and Rayovac brands. They perform better in most devices. Get a pack and try them. Also recommend a smart charger.


Here are some of the brands now out:

Rayovac Hybrid

Sanyo Eneloop

Sony Cycle Energy

Uniross Hybrio

Ultralast Hybrio

Kodak Digital Camera, Ultra Low Discharge

Maha Imedion

Nexcell EnergyOn

Accupower Acculoop

Ansman Max-E

GP ReCyko

Duracell Pre-charged

Pro Power Hybrid

Delkin Power (Low Discharge)

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Add one more vote for Maha Imedion batteries.


If you geocache on weekends, low-discharge are the cat's meow because you lose almost no juice while the batteries are idle, whereas typical nimh batteries are always losing their charge.


Of course if you're totally able to remember to recharge your batteries the night before you head out, you'll get quite a bit more mileage on the standard nimh batteries, which run to 2900 vs. the 2100 on low-discharge batteries.

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