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Looking to buy unactivated GeoDog Geocoin


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I'm new to geocaching and so is my geodog Piper. I saw the GeoDog geocoins on an old thread, but it looks like they sold out ages ago. :laughing:


Can anyone out there help us out?


Thanks in advance!


kj-mclean + piper


Welcome to the Forums!!


I just bought a GEODOG coin not too long ago from Ebay. I usually see them up there a lot, so if you do a search for "geocoin", usually there are a lot of different coins up there. Just make sure the auction says it is for an unactivated coin.


Also, you may find some people selling some coins in forums just like this one, so keep your eye out for them.


Good Luck in your search,



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The reason the old message came back to the top was because I was looking for a GeoDog Geocoin for 2 new cachers and posted this message:






This coin will be available at GeocoinShop.com soon - watch for more information regarding sales here.



I have a couple of new geocachers that want a GeoDog Geocoin for their dog.

It seems GeocoinShop.com must be no longer selling them. (It seems to me there would be a constant demand for this one.)


Does anyone have a GeoDog Geocoin to sell or trader?

Russ (PastorDIC)

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