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Hello all - New South Wales newbie!

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I did a post on the main forum but then realised there was a country forum - oops :D


So hello to all, I live in Rhoose Point which is by Cardiff Airport


Just bought a Garmin Summit HC and looking forward to getting started with geocaching !


I was going to buy Garmin topo but my unit only has limited memory so I'm looking at mapping alternatives, I saw a thread with this on:


is this free mapping from open street any good for walking as well, footpaths, bridleways, trails etc ??



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Hi Gareth and welcome to the mad and addictive world of geocaching.


Personnally I wouldn't worry about maps yet, we've been caching for 3 years now and have survived quite well with our trusty OS map in our hand. You can click on the Streetmap link on each cache page and that'll show you where the cache is and will be adequate combined with the hardcopy.


At just over 2000 finds we are only just thinking about getting ourselves some mapping for our GPS. It may well be Topo, but we understand that Garmin are going to be soon releasing something called Discoverer which is based on OS maps, so we may well wait a while to see what that's like when it comes out.


Hope to bump into you sometime, maybe at one of the South Wales events, there are certainly some very friendly and helpful local cachers in your area so their events are definately worth a visit.

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