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Do they know anything about GPS? They've been testing cars for decades, and still write stuff similar to this in their car reviews: "The Zoot-Capri 7000 sports car accelerated like a rifle bullet, and the braking and handling were top-notch. However, the ride was harsh, and the lack of a back seat makes the car impractical for family trips."


or: "The Detroit Big Iron Pickup with the giant engine and towing package was a champ at pulling our fully loaded horse trailer, and its 6-wheel-drive had no trouble slogging across plowed fields after two weeks of torrential rain. The 80-liter diesel engine was loud, however, and fuel economy was terrible."


In other words, CR often complains about things that are a direct result of something's intended purpose. Don't be surprised when they gripe that the Oregon needs buttons, or the 60CSx is a really nice unit, save for its lack of a touch-screen, or a unit designed for in-car use was heavier than the others they hiked with, and didn't hold up too well when they dropped it in a creek...

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