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2008 Idaho Geocoin - Trackable & Unique

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The Idaho Geocachers are excited to announce the 2008 Idaho Geocoin. These coins are currently available for presale, presales will close on December 1st and we expect these coins to arrive by the end of December. Please read below for additional information and photos:


- 1.75 inches in diameter and 3mm in thickness

- Traditional Octagon shape characteristic with the Idaho State Geocoins

- Trackable on Geocaching.com with unique icon. "Track at Geocaching.com" will appear on the top line on the backside of the coin (where it says Idaho) & the tracking number will appear on the bottom line (where it says 2008).

- 3 separate editions with photos on the frontsides from Goose Creek Falls, Lake Pend Oreille, and Wildhorse Creek. All these places are located in Idaho and the photos were taken by local geocachers.

- Each version of this coin is available in Antique Bronze, Antique Copper, and Antique Silver.

- The backside of the coin is in 3d and showcases some of the fun things us Idahoans enjoy doing from kayaking to rock climbing to off-roading to enjoying our beautiful mountains.

- Only $8.50 each!

- These coins can be viewed and purchased HERE


Goose Creek Falls in Antique Silver



Lake Pend Oreille in Antique Bronze



Wildhorse Creek in Antique Copper



We hope you will enjoy these coins!!!!

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They seem nice, but when I saw that there were 3 versions and 3 metals in each version, I decided to pass.


Why out of curiosity? We chose 3 different pictures to show some of the different areas of Idaho. The coins looked nice in all the antique finishes we ordered samples in so we decided to offer them in all. Nobody has to buy all the editions, in fact most people are just buying 1 or 2 coins total.

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It seemed a bit much/over the top for an annual state coin, IMO. I also didn't like having to prepay. I'm really tired of that practice. I understand why you need to do it, but that doesn't mean I have to participate.


I typically don't like doing presales myself but since the Idaho residents have the ability to customize the non-trackable coins a presale is the only way to go for this coin. There will be a very small amount of extra trackable coins available for purchase once the coins arrive though.


Thank you for your explanation.

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This is just a shameless bump to let everyone know that there is one more week to place your order for these coins.


I've heard a number of concerns from people worried about spending their money on presales after what has happened in the past from some other geocoin companies. I just want to assure anyone who may be concerned that your funds are safe with me. I strive to make all of my customers happy and am an honest and reliable person. These coins will be ordered promptly on the morning of December 2nd, no later.


Thanks everyone & Happy Holidays ;)

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Well I think this is one of the ugliest coins I've seen in a long time :unsure:


LMAO.... ur gonna kill me when you read this, hahahahaha.


Shameless bump for Karma's Idaho coins, she has a dog to feed ya know :)


Reminds me of a football game here in MT against ID with the sign that said; who da ho? I da ho.... roflmao. Please don't ban me from your threads :D :D :ph34r:


Great job buddy.

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Just wanted to post a quick update to those of you who ordered these coins. The mint believes they will be shipping on December 22nd or 23rd. If the mint stays on schedule then I will be mailing out all the coins between December 26th thru the 29th. Will post updates once the coins arrive. :D

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