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How to use a GPS for geocaching?

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Okay, I have used a GPS for geocaching for almost 2 years now and I have a 76CSX and a Oregon, but I have to admit I am still not sure how to best use these GPS for geocaching. I think there must be a better way to use the GPS to find the geocaches.


My problem is, say for example, I am trying to find a traditional cache with the GPS, I download the cache information (GPX) to the GPS and yes, it shows all the information I need to find the cache. So now I go to the field. I select geocache, select the site I want to go, drive close to the site, and select the Map or Compass page which shows the location coordinates of where I am (I have preset to show the location in the Data Field).


But every single time, I have to either memorize the coordinates of the cache, or most of the time, I write it down in a piece of masking tape which I stick to the GPS. I walk around, and when the coordinates in the location field matches that in my piece of masking tape, I know I am there and start looking for the container.


I feel that there must be a better way than my stupid masking tape method. I search and search on the Net, but seems no one is talking about that. So, what did I miss? Please share with me how you do the geocaching, can you have the GPS showing the location coordinates side by side with the cache coordinates?



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Somewhere there is a GO TO function. (It might be called something a little different--I don't know your unit. You hit it and it points you there all you do is follow the arrow and it tells you how much closer you are getting. We found our first 300 caches the way you are doing it. It's a lot easier this way. LOL!


Second piece of advice. GO TO an event and get someone who has a unit like yours show you how. You'll have fun and learn lots of tips.

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:laughing: Thank you for the advices...


I'll try to use the compass page and "Go To" tomorrow, see how better it is than the masking tape method...


I just hate to write down the cache coordinates and believe there must be a better way...


There is. Once you use the navigation screen (make sure you have the data field that shows "distance to destination" on the screen), you'll hit yourself on the head for not figuring that out long ago. I know I did.


The arrow points to the cache and the distance to destination starts counting down. Once you're within about 30 feet start looking. Can't get much easier than that and no need to even know the coordinates.


Also, because you have the 76CSX you need to calibrate the compass for it to work. When on the Navigation (compass) screen, hit menu and you'll see a choice for calibrate compass. Follow the instructions. It takes about a minute. You need to do this every time you change batteries or the compass screen won't work properly.

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For the Oregon:


On main menu, touch the icon for "Geocaches"


Touch "Find a geocache"


Select the geocache you are hunting. You may have to scroll down or use the Spell feature.


When the map comes up, you will see "GO" in a green box in the lower right corner. Press there. You will see a map with a purple line. You can use that, or better yet, back out to the main menu and touch "Compass." Follow the arrow. One of the small windows at the top should be set for Distance to Destination.


You should also follow the above directions as to when to calibrate your compass. On the Oregon you go to Setup and then scroll down to Heading. Once there, the bottom selection is for compass calibration. Follow directions.


Have fun.

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