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ipod to go paperless

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Yes. If you are a Mac user there is a free program called MacCaching that let's you load all the 411 to your ipod or iphone. I'm sure there is something also available in a PC version if you want to go to the dark side.


Lol, its amazing how you either love Macs and hate PC's or like PCs and don't really mind about Macs. I used to work in an apple repair center and still have my apple certificate until next year. Before I started the only Mac I ever used was an ipod which yes it is good. Almost 2 years repairing them though and mainly working with them at work and I would have to say yes they are good but Microsoft is still the way to go. And I know its opinion and all that but there is no need to put Microsoft down like that (or any other OS you may have been refering to. All have there advantages and disadvantages and none is more superior than the other).


As for the question.


There is an ipod touch/phone app thats advertised on the main page. Only thing the touch cant use is the GPS and 3G. Allthough the 3g can be replaced by wifi but you need a connection. For any other ipod try http://www.bigwolf.co.uk/ haven't used it so not sure how it works but I noticed it earlier on today when looking through for future caches.


Let me know how you get on as I may end up using the software on my old ipod if it is any good.

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Can you use a ipod to go paperless?


If you can, which ipod?


I use an Ipod nano 3rd or 4th gen with maccaching. Maccaching is a nice program that lets you put the cache logs onto your ipod. However, it only provides the last 6 or so logs which is kind of a bummer. Maybe there is a newer version out that i'm missing. But overall, it's useful and easy to use.

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I use the geocaching app from the app store ($9.99) and I love it. I can load it up at home and update it anytime I get a wifi signal. IMHO it is one of the best I have seen. Very easy to use, search by GC#, address or it will use the "Location" feature to ping your ipod and get you the closest caches to your current location.


All the info is stored just like gc.com with coords, description (including D/T and size), last 5 logs, and hints.

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I have an ipod touch. I am considering buying the iGeoCacher app as it supports paperless geocaching using gpx files.

A second for iGeocacher. It is a bit spendy at $15, but if you have an ipod Touch you get wifi so you can surf and log in a hotspot, as well as save ~2500 different caches from Pocket Queries with full cache descriptions, hints and even first 5 logs. Pretty sweet, and I've had great success with it. Any iPod can be used for paperless, but if you are looking for an iPod to get the best bang for your buck for music, usability and paperless, a Touch is the way to go.


Check out the refurbished section on apple.com for last generation, or spring for a new one. You won't be disappointed!

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