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Oregon 300: Best Price?

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My legend finally crapped out and I'm looking at getting an Oregon 300 for a replacement. I have found some pretty good deals, but I'm worried about the actual sellers that are giving the good deals. Any suggestions on a decent priced (<$390) unit from a more reputable seller?





IMO, REI is worth the extra cost. The comfort of knowing they will replace it no questions asked for ANY reason is too nice. Sure, you could probably get Garmin to do it too, but REI is much less hassle.


Kansas probably has no REIs, but you could order on rei.com.

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Do you have an eBay account? Paypal?


Go to http://www.live.com/ and create an account. Search garmin oregon. At the top of the page, you'll see a link to ebay for 25% off any Buy-it-Now option. Read the fine print but basically, you have 60 mins from clicking off live.com to eBay for any BIN listing with a max of 12 purchases.


It takes 60 days to get the cashback.


live.com is a MS site if you didn't know.

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