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My Auto Megellan


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Car GPS units aren't the best for geocaching, but some have gotten it to work. I have a Maestro, but I haven't tried using it for caching, although I attempted to use a Tomtom... I don't think it will actually lead you to the cache, just get you close since it's meant to stay on roads. You should still be able to use it to find the cache, just go to the AAA screen (if you have it) and see the coords of your location.


Good luck...

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You can Use MioPocket. It is originally designed to work with Mio GPS units, but it has also been tested to work on Magellan maestro. If You don't have maestro I am not sure.


If you do have the maestro, I actually have a copy set up for it I could send you. All you would have to do is put what I send you on an SD card. turn on the unit. Pop in the SD and the MioPocket software will isntall automatically. And if you want your unit back the way it was, just do a hard reset. after you take the card out.


It will basically turn you unit into a PDA. Full desktop and applications. It also comes with GPS software called BeeLine GPS which is what I use on my Mio Moov. It has built in software just for geocaching.


I will know 100% if its set up right for magellan because my friend has the maestro and we are going to test it out.


I love the software. Its a must have, and in my opinion, it makes the unit better for geocaching except for it not being waterproof and built to be rugged. Its functionality is what I am talking about.


I am able to download a LOC file with all the caches I want to find and it will tell me when I am within 1000 feet of any of them. So I can drive around and wait for the DING, and then park the truck, and use the same unit to find the cache. No need for another unit.


Love it.

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I gave the Magellan Meastro a go today.....both times got me within a few feet of the grab......worked very well. I found that if you try to "route" to the cache then it will try to keep you on the road....but if you enter the coords then it will show you an icon of the cache coords and then you just walk in the direction that the icon gets to your position....worked very well!!!

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