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Does YOUR Iphone do this?

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I have had my Iphone for several months now and love it. Also have Igeocacher, Geocaching, and several other programs used for Geocaching on the Iphone. Problem is my Iphone itself!! It can locate my position no problem, but navigating to a cache is horrible. The Iphone seems to update the position (no matter what program I use) about every 20 seconds!! So if I walk towards a cache and the arrow points one way, after several seconds, it will swing in a different direction and may or may not update the distance to the cache or my speed. I have tried locating several caches, all without luck. Is the GPS in my Iphone screwy? Is there a setting I need to change? Does YOUR Iphone do this??

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The GPS chip is there to make the unit "location aware" (and to comply with e911 regs). That's so it can tell you where the nearest szechwan restaurant is, not to lead you to within 5 feet of some Tupperware in the woods. I'm sure some will chime in with their "my iPhone led me right to it" stories, and I'm sure they're true, mostly. <_< But that doesn't change the fact that it's not intended to be used as a hand-held GPS device (and those are Steve Jobs' words, not mine).

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I found 30+ with an iphone. I use the map and watch the blue dot in relation to the red pin. Seems to work the best. I gave up on the arrow and compass routine pretty quick. Anyway just got an Oregon 400t mainly because I wanted something that was easier to use. I do a pocket query, load the Oregon 400t and go.

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