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Message to geofriends and about Amtrekker contest prizes

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Hello to all of our geofriends,


As many of you have noticed I have not been on this forum in a while. The reason is because I have been sick with a very bad chest cold that won't seem to go away and a UTI. Over the last month or so I have been trying different antibiotics to get rid of them and I finally think I am on the right kind now and am starting to feel much better. Chip has also been having some problems with his blood pressure and we have had to get him straightened out as well. It seems that every time the weather changes from hot to cold and vise versa that I end up catching something but it always went away just as quickly as it came before, only this time it didn't. It's seems that everthing that can go wrong has gone wrong in that last month or so?


I want to thank everyone who has sent emails in the past few weeks wondering what has happened to us. It does our hearts good to know that so many people are that concerned about us and that we have so many great geofriends in this community. Instead of emailing each of you I thought I'd just let you know what was going on here.


I realize that I need to get out some prize coins for the contests and and a mission as well and am working on getting those out asap. For the Amtrekker contest, since their were only 4 people who entered that one before the deadline date I will send a coin to those that participated and leave it at that since I was unable to keep track of it regularly. For the 4 that participated, please send me your address through our profile and please let me know whether you would like a coin randomly from our spares or if you would like to receive one of our new coins that we should be getting in a week or two which is The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly coin. It is being minted now and should be out very soon.


Thank you all again so much for your patience and concern and I will do my best to keep you updated when things go out.


Nora and Chip

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