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Cache Attributes


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Let's see, out of my 5 caches (1 adopted), I have:


Dogs - Yes x5

Bicycles - Yes x4

Motorcycles - Yes x3


Recommended for kids - Yes x2

Takes less than an hour - Yes x5

Available at all times - Yes x3

Recommended at night - No x2, Yes x1

Stealth required - No x2


Wheelchair accessible - Yes x1, No x1

Camping available - No x1

Parking available - Yes x4, No x1

Public transportation - Yes x2

Picnic tables nearby - Yes x1

Telephone nearby - Yes x1, No x1

Stroller accessible - Yes x1, No x1


So, it looks like Dogs, Takes less than an hour, and Parking are used on all of them, and Bicycles on most.

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Until the promised change to PQs to include the attributes, I don't use any of them.


<_< they may not be included, but they're quite helpful for filtering PQs - help a cacher out, use 'em


I filter for NOStealth always.. I know people who filter for stroller and others who filter for wheelchair access. Another family filters for poisonous plants (NO! severe allergy). I tried to use the Dog attribute, but as I mentioned, many of my caches are on properties where the fine print says no dogs, but many many many people have dogs, and they're not being asked to leave. So I just omit it.

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Without doing any sort of analysis, I suspect the ones I use the most often:


Dogs / No Dogs

Takes Less Than an Hour (or not)

Wheelchair accessible (or not)

Stroller accessible (or not)

Scenic View

Significant Hike (or not)


Attributes I rarely use:

Recommended for Kids: I don't cache with any, so I have no idea what they like.


Available During Winter: Because I don't know how to define "available". The area might be accessible but the cache is under three feet of snow. The cache is certainly available, and it certainly is findable if someone wants to put in the effort.

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