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2008 Christmas Nativity Coins - Now Available


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We also have a Christmas coin in the works that you will be able to hang on your tree this year. The order went in today and I expect the coins will be available shortly after the U.S. Thanksgiving.


The coin will have its own icon and the metal finishes will consist of

150 AG

75 AS

25 AC


Hope you like it... and we'll keep you posted





edit...made photo a bit smaller

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These coins are in stock and ready for shipping.


RE Antique Gold available HERE


LE Antique Silver available HERE


Please make sure you read the description befor ordering. In order to get this true stained glass effect, these coins are Zinc base metal. They are actually made from 3 separate parts which are fused together. I just don't want any to be disappointed by the weight if these coins, they are significantly lighter than a brass coin.


We hope you enjoy them.

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Thank you very much and I'm so glad you like them. I haven't received mine yet and can't wait for them to arrive.


I received my order today and I must compliment you on an Beautiful Coin!! It is a very traditional scene and sentiment and I think they are among the nicest of the 2008 Christmas Coins I have seen! They will look great on my tree!


Well Done!

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Wow, you don't have your coins yet Theotokos? Mine arrived Wed. in Australia! I remember that it always takes way longer to get coins to Canada...I still wonder why?


Ya, it always amazed me that folks in Europe or even Australia get their coins before we do - most times - here in Canada. Very frustrating!!!

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