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South African (Off-Topic) Quiz


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So is it a man? If so I would say maybe Jimmy Connors? Or the foul mouthed one... who's name now eludes me.... er um... F*#@ who was he...


LoL er... John McEnroe....


Although I don't think they had the most of the men.


I actually remember that Martina had a lot but remember that Billy Jean King was also quite high up. Didn't realise that they both had the same amount and so many...


Just thinking didn't Pete Sampras also win a few.... 6 or 7. Geeze now I am muddled up?

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Will give it to you, but wait for this Miracle Mike the chicken was never going to be the dinner he was destined to be... His owner had him on the chopping block but the axe cut just the wrong (Or was that the right) place. The chicken as usual ran round sans it's head and the next day the farmer found it.... Head under it's wing... The chicken went on to live not only for a few days... it went on to live 18 months without it's head... Read the story here.....

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Well I will rule out Qkumba Zoo as I know the members, it ain't Mango Groove as there are half a milion members... Try think of a band with three members... Not freshly ground... I am working on the number of members... not Ballyhoo Perhaps... although again I think there were more?

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Oh man I loved eVoid's Shadows.... amazing song, still love it as much now as I do back then.... Think I must pull the CD's out my cupboard and find it...


OK... Um. Who is Sa Geocacher on Facebook... Man it is driving a few of us up the wall.....

No actually how can I say who has the right answer to that.... when I don't have a clue...


Frank Hayes was a jockey in the 1920's but is last race was won in one of the weirdest ways ever. What happened?

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