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South African (Off-Topic) Quiz


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Hmm, I was also going to say the ZCC but I am not sure that it is an actual building? More a gathering?


Without Googling it, I am going to guess one of the ones in Ethiopia?


Getting closer.


The ZCC is listed as the largest church (not building) of African origin in the world.


Ethiopia is getting closer - but a little further west.

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Just the other day a friend was talking about this enormous church/mosque in Morocco. I suspect it is a mosque and I cannot remember where in Morocco, so this is a bit of a vague attempt.

Morocco is on the north west edge of Africa (across from Spain and the straits of gibraltar.


Nope - not Morocco and not a mosque.


Tray a little further south

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Pooks is it - yep he left SA in 1914 after being here for almost 20 years.


His first real act of service in India was the following year - in 1915.


You're it Pooks


The was the faintest bit of memory involved in that guess. Way back in a past life I must have read about Ghandi, maybe after I watched that movie starring Ben Kingsley, or maybe at school.


Here goes:

If your Wassermann test came up positive, what would you be suffering from?

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Yes Pooks - how did yo come by this knowledge? (Wikipedia FTW)


I am sure there must be an interesting story behind this - when one of our bright sparks get the answer (I assume CapeDoc and Cincol googled too otherwise they would have answered) perhaps you can share? Or perhaps it is something you should never speak about!!! :D



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My goodness - what an interesting reaction. I was going to mention that the Doc is disqualified from this round, but he understood anyway. Now there are folks too afraid to hazard a guess. I thought we lived in a liberated era! One must not be afraid to face your demons.

Edited by the pooks
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