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South African (Off-Topic) Quiz


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I have double checked my "facts" and come out short.


My question was based on "local" info - that has come short when tested.


Actual meeting in Ujiji in Tanzania - so cownchicken you're it.


I was looking for BURUNDI - the Livingstone-Stanley Monument at Mugere is 12 km south of the capital of Burindi - Bujumbura - and also on the banks of Lake Tanganyika - and is claimed by many Burundians to be the meeting place. But it actually the spot where they journeyed together from Ujiji and carved a date in a rock. So my info was incorrect.


Sorry for the confusion.

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From the records of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale - FAI


Out-and-return distance : 620.66 km


Date of flight: 28/12/1967

Pilot: Y. LEEMANN (South Africa)

Course/place: Tempe - Deelfountain (South Africa) and return


Glider: Bölkow Phoebus

Registered 'ZS-GFB'




I now own ZS-GFB, Number 7 as she is known, and am quite proud of her achievements as she was one of the first glassfiber aircraft.


She is a dream to fly. So the record was for an out and return distance of 620km by a female pilot. this record still stands as a South African record for a female pilot in a single place glider 40 years later. Two years ago I entered into the Gauteng regionals competing against pilots from all over SA and the world. We achieved a 4th place overall. Wow for a plane her age?


OK Carbon you have the Batton. :(

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