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South African (Off-Topic) Quiz


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I am not sure what happened during or after the Seige of Mafeking but it could have been the capital of a sovereign territory at some time. Under the name Mafikeng it was the capital of Bophuthatswana before Mmabatho became the capital.


Bophuthatswana is one, yes.

The odd thing about the other one is that it was the capital even though it wasn't in said territory.

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The Caprivi was named after German Chancellor Leo von Caprivi, who negotiated the acquisition of the land in an 1890 exchange with the United Kingdom. Von Caprivi arranged for Caprivi to be annexed to German South-West Africa in order to give Germany access to the Zambezi River and a route to Africa's east coast, where the German colony Tanganyika was situated. The annexation was a part of a treaty, in which Germany gave up its interest in the island of Heligoland in the North Sea and which other island in return of the Caprivi Strip?

Caprivi didn't take Victoria Falls into account and so the route was not of much use.

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I'm curious to see what town has a shaft deeper than the deepest one in the world. I worked on that mine. #3 Shaft has an initial vertical drop of 2km - also has the deepest SINGLE drop in the world - and a further drop [via sub-verticals] to a depth of close to 4km deep. Prior to Western Deep being the deepest the record was held by ERPM.


If you are referring to OPEN PIT mines then Kimberley Hole is often referred to as the deepest man-made hole dug by HAND. However another mine I worked on, Phalaborwa Copper Mine, has a hole mechanically dug that is around 800m deep. When I was there you drove down to below sea level from the Lowveld every day! Phalaborwa is around 400m ASL.

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Would you be referring to "Jagers" then? [Jagersfontein] - Not aware that it has an exceptionally deep hole though. Was it not dug with mechanical diggers?


After having been there during its "heyday" in the 60's I drove passed there en route from De Aar to Bloemfontein a few years ago and nearly cried when I saw the place. :( I remembered it as a lovely little mining town that was vibrant and quite a pretty place.

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