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South African (Off-Topic) Quiz


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Yep - Armenia it is - the king made the state a christian nation in 301 A.D. (CE) based on the work that 2 of the 12 disciples Bartholowmeu and Thaddeaus (sp?) did in the 1st Century.


It has remain as such - even thorughout the Soviet era and the Armenian Orthodox church remains a seperate church to others.


All your - and enjoy your Middle East packing

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Lets keep the topic in the same area. One of Armenia's neighbours is Iran. This country has been in the news for a number of things recently so this should be topical. By what other name is Iran also known?

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Cincol, partly right but i will give you the next round.... Aside from Jobs working on an apple farm, their biggest competitor at the time was Atari so in a marketing ploy they decided to use Apple for the reason that Apple would be listed first ahead of Atari in telephone directories....

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