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South African (Off-Topic) Quiz


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Was Alsasc-Lorranie perhaps an independent country back then (I thought it was part of France) - unless we are talking about some odd place well outside the normal thought of WW2 - Madagascar?


Alsace Lorraine was part of Germany until 1918.


Madagascar was not part of WW I, as it only became independant from France in 1960, but SA did have soldiers fighting there as part of Operation Ironclad during WW II, as it was under Vichy French control.

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Greenland - but I assume that was also part of Denmark - which only capitualted later.


You have me stymied - one of those Slavic or Baltic countries perhaps - but can't think that they were independent before the end of WW2


Greenland only got home rule in 1979, and autonomy from Denmark in 2009, though they are still part of the Kingdom of Denmark.


Not any of the Baltic countries, further West.

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That leaves Andorra and Spain. I will guess Andorra.


I had a feeling CH would do the hard work before someone snuck in and got the answer.


It was Andorra. Andorra (with its 10 part time soldiers) declared war on Germany during WW I, but never got invited to peace negotiations and so never signed the treaty of Versailles. When WW II rolled round they decided they would be neutral, which neither the Allies or Axis seemed too worried about.


All yours cincol.

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Nope! Probably would have been my first guess until I discovered the fact! ;-)


If I remember from a pub quiz "blindingly obscure" correctly, Nepal's low point is either 77m amsl or 113m amsl. Of course I could be mistaken, as the blindingly obscure question happens late in the evening.


Can I be cheeky and ask if Tibet counts as a country in this case?


My guess is Mongolia. Based on nothing in particular.

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