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Garmin GPS cable question

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Is there any difference (other than the RF choke) between the USB-A to mini USB cable that Garmin provides with the Oregon/Colorado and standard USB-A to mini USB cables that you can purchase elsewhere? A friend told me that he burned up his Oregon over time by using a standard cable. He said that the salesperson at REI told him to use the Garmin cable or else it would happen again.


I know that the RF choke suppresses high frequency noise on the outer shield of the cable, but it doesn't "isolate" the GPSr from the PC. There is DC continuity between the connector shells at each end. I can see how the choke might possibly reduce data corruption but not low frequency ground loop currents. Is the 'x' pin in the mini connector wired differently?


I have a nice cable with gold plated connector shells that fits the Oregon superbly but it doesn't have the choke. The Garmin supplied cable fits the unit quite tightly and I need to wrestle with it (figuratively) to remove it.



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If you are worried, just get some of those ferrite chokes from some electronics surplus store somewhere for a penny. Or visit your friendly local transfer station/junk yard, get some old video monitor cables off a monitor, carefully cut the encapsulated plastic/rubber off of them and use them on your cable with some duct tape...

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He is talking about the USB cable, not the power cable.... USB A is a different style of connector.


You do not need the special cable for power.


I know you dont need a special for power, but if you gone buy one you need the right cable for the job. :P


Read the



Part H15


The cables look the same, I have them by accident, from another gadget.

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Red is correct, there is nothing special about the Gamin USB cable. The choke is joke, it not necessary, and if you doubt me go take a look at all the back pack drives out there without them that are transmitting much data higher speeds. If someone burned up a Colorado with a usb cable then they either had power supply issue with their computer or the Colorado suffered infant mortality, either way the Gamin cable would not have saved it. Taking electronic advice from clerks in a box store is like getting stock advice at McDonald's.

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