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Who wants a sneek peek at the 2008 Peace on Earth Coinament to be for sale at Hogwildstuff soon?? :unsure:


You all do??? Well ok....Here you go!!




I had fun designing it and working with Mama Cache to make it a reality. We hope you all enjoy it :D


We will post sample mint pics by Nov. 21st and will supply the rest of the details at that time. Hogwild is expecting the coins to be in hand by Dec. 15th to order or sooner. For now just know its Trackable, Will have a special Icon, its 2" and a suncatcher to hang on your tree or in your window!!


Peace to ALL ~~~~~~

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Another beautiful Christmas coin! Just wished these would come out a bit eariler in the shopping season so my budget wouldn't be so stressed close to the holidays.


I know folks don't like Christmas and other holiday commercialism to come to early. Just so many pretty coins so close to expensive holidays is a bummer.


Did I miss it or were there any Thanksgiving coins this year?

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Hey Everyone ~ The sample pics have arrived! They aren't the best pics but they give you a good idea of what's coming! :laughing:




They will be available to order in a few weeks at HogWildStuff.org :laughing:


They will have Polished Silver and Polished Gold for you to choose from.


Yes Eartha they are trackable and will have a unique icon


They will not be presold either :) whoopie!!


I will post the details and change the subtitle when they are open for sales....just keeping you all updated 'tis all.


Peace to all :P

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