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Interesting Pipe Cap

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Yesterday I found MF0277.


It is monumented between RR tracks and Old US 66. I've found a bunch of pipe cap type marks before, but this one was different. Maybe I haven't had enough experience in finding them, but this particular style of pipe cap was a first for me. The cap is only about 1.5 inches in diameter. Also, does anyone understand the meaning behind the stampings (i.e.: T.I.N.G. and I. GR.)?





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That's what makes our hobby so interesting...

Even though we can find the mark, not all of our questions get answered.


I noticed the stamping doesn't exactly match the designation. The last digit is a "1" instead of an "I".


T.I.N.G. and I. GR. 1

T = Township?

I = ??

N = North?

G = Grade/Grange/Gas?


You've got a pretty good mystery there. Maybe a call to the county surveyor's office would be in order.


Good luck,

~ Mitch ~

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Possibly T.I.N.G. is Texas-Illinois Natural Gas Pipeline? The vertical white pipe in the background of the photo might indicate some kind of buried infrastructure between the road and the railroad.


edit: I found a map of gas pipelines in Illinois, and plotted the location of the benchmark as the yellow dot.



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Hey, kudos "holograph" I think you nailed it. I remember seeing pipeline signs in the area but honestly didn't pay much attention to them. In the bottom-most pic I posted, I believe that white pole is related to a pipeline in the area. Not 100% sure but there are a lot of pipelines in my home area and they are 'marked' with similar white or yellow poles.


Diff Run: Good eye on that "I" being a "1". I guess I did notice that... and I failed to note that in an NGS report, hmm.


Thanks to all for the inputs & interest.

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