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GPX File to Triton 500

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I may be wrong, but I believe gpx files are only available to premium members.

LOC files with just the basic info from the cache page is available to non premium members.

Someone may come along and correct me or agree with me


edit to add

Just checked on my wifes account and the gpx button is greyed out and a note that the greyed out areas were available to premium members only.

With the gpx files on your triton it will give you all the info on the cache page plus the hint , I have the 400, but I still prefer my explorist 500 over the triton

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The send to GPS button only works with Garmin GPS units. In order to get a GPX file into the Triton you must use vantagepoint. I quit using my triton 500 when I got my Oregon, but I busted it out of the box. And hey there are updates. Guess I'll have to take the triton for a spin with the new updates and see if it's usable now. Anyways here is how I do it. Save the GPX file to your desktop. If your not a premium member you can do the same with .loc files, just one at a time, and I don't think the description is included. Open vantage point and click on the library tab. Then click on the Geocache Icon (Treasure Chest). Then just drag and drop the GPX file into the white space on the left. This will load all the caches into vantagepoint. Then click on the My GPS tab. In this section you can either use the sychronize button or simply transfer from PC to GPS button. They are the first and second icons on the left respectively. I haven't tried the updated version of vantage point or Triton software yet, but I found with ver 1.44 that the synchronize button took FOREVER to finish the sync so I just sent to gps from pc. Then you should have the caches on your Triton. Have fun.

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