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Garmin C60CSX


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Good Day!


When buying a Garmin C60SCX the website says it comes with a preloaded map of streets, highways etc.


Then it says you can buy a "City Navigator" program. Is that an upgraded more detailed version of the preloaded maps?


I would like to use the C60SCX for driving also...



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I bought my 60CSX a couple of years ago, so I don't know if things have changed or not. However, when I purchased mine, the preloaded maps were very basic, with very little street detail. I bought the City Navigator map DVD and loaded it on, and it has worked perfectly for driving, turn-by-turn directions, and, of course, Geocaching!

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Yes. The unit comes with a built-in "base" map --which is very basic indeed. If you want to use the gps for turn by turn navigation while driving, you will want to add "city maps" (Not "topo" maps. You might also want to get topo maps if you spend lots of time way out in the boonies).


The latest "city" map is City Navigator.


Buy it on DVD (not on the SD card). That gives you much more flexibility.

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If all you want to do is know where you are in relation to a street map, there are free maps discussed in this thread.


If you want turn-by-turn directions (i.e., routing) with your maps, you have to either buy City Navigator (which has it built in) or buy Metro Guide (cheaper, without routing enabled) and use a program called metrowizzz to "fix" the routing. CN has to be unlocked and it is only useable on the one GPS you put it on. If you buy another GPS, you have to buy another unlock code. Metroguide does not require unlock codes.

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Thanks for the info.


Regarding getting the DVD over the SD card, why does it give you more flexibilty?


Thanks again




If you buy the SD card you can not view the maps on your computer... therefore preventing you from creating routes, tracks, and waypoints using CN and then transferring them to your GPS via CN. Viewing the maps on your computer is nice to see the details on a large screen and adding what ever routes, tracks, and waypoints you want to create. granted the SD card does not require an unlock code thus allowing it to be used on multiple GPSs. The DVD does require an unlock code, so it is tied to one GPS forever (only exception I know of is if Garmin repairs/replaces your unit).


If autorouting is not important to you, then the free maps by Ibycus are very good.


edit: After rereading your OP you would probably want to get the CN NT, DVD since you specifically said you want to use it for driving. The autorouting feature is very nice, plus with CN you get over 6 million POIs.

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Regarding getting the DVD over the SD card, why does it give you more flexibilty?
In addition to what has already been said, if you use the pre-programmed card, you can’t have other maps (such as Topo, or custom maps) loaded at the same time with the ones on the card, because loading maps always erases any maps that are already on the card. If you get the maps on DVD, you can select the CN maps you want along with any other maps you want and load them all at the same time, so you can have different map products loaded at the same time.


In addition to the flexibility issue, Garmin periodically offers updates to the maps on DVD at a cost less than the original install. There is no such upgrade program for pre-programmed cards. If you want to update your maps, you buy another card at full price.


Also, if anything happens to the pre-programmed card, you’re out of luck because the file on the card won’t work on any other card, only the one it comes on. So even if you backed it up on your computer, it won’t help if the card is lost or damaged.


For most people, the DVD is a much better way to go.

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