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Does it only work for Garmin?

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I have a Nokia E71 with walking GPS enabled.


Please dont be angry at me for not buying a GPS - there too expensive; the phone saves me money because its on contract and lumped together my PDA, satnav, mobile and my need for mobile internet.


Does Wherigo only work for garmin and windows PC? Not the Symbian operating system? Are there no plans to expand the use of the application?


Anything anyone knows will be helpful, thank you :)

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At the moment, it's only for Pocket PC and Garmin units. Groundspeak does plan to extend that, but I don't know if it'll be in the next large update or not.


I also see someone posted to the forum yesterday an alternate Player he developed, but that is pending Groundspeak's approval.


No one will be angry with you for not buying a GPSr. We all cache and play Wherigo in our own way.

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