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Hiking with a dog?

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On 4/21/2019 at 8:22 PM, cerberus1 said:

But I have to admit... now that I'm pretty-much solo, a dog running up to me with an owner a distance away bothers me. 

 - Just a few weeks ago a large dog ran straight for me and I couldn't see the owner, but heard a loud man's voice saying "she's friendly" behind some pines.

I was rewarded for my standing ground with a slobbery doggy tongue, but pretty-sure the owner noticed my hand on the checkered grip.

Buds now, we walked a good ways together, watching the dog just being a dog, and all was fine with the world...

I've encountered similar.  The most startling was when I was searching behind a boulder and heard noises, then turned and saw a jet-black shepard a few feet away from me. Didn't help that I had read of a bear sighting in a log of another cache in the general area. The owner followed a bit later and called the dog that he couldn't see. The dog returned to the trail and I'm pretty sure the owner didn't even notice I was there. I wasn't visible from the trail, trying to be stealthy for the cache hunt and all.


Taking our pet(s) on a caching hike is something I'm working on. So far, just wearing a harness is challenging. Cats just act like they're paralyzed and fall over.  :blink:

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