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Favorite Geocaching Pen

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Clickable PowerTank here. Even before I started caching, I been a Powertank fan. However... I don't sign logs with a pen. I use one of my mechanical pencils. I've "rescued two caches so far that have gotten soaked. Pencil usually survives in the logbook, whereas I found most pens won't. Just my personal observation.



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Conclusion? Gel inks = water- & pretty much, bullet-proof.


Perhaps the brand you tried doesn't hold the pedigree it claims.



Its funny you use the word "bulletproof". That word came up when I searched for one of the pens listed on this thread. Noodle Bulletproof Black ink with a Platinum Preppy refillable pen won a waterproof test on the Nov 6th entry of this bog. It looks almost faked it is so much better. It sounds like paper makes a difference too. The blog mentions Moleskine log book paper, but I could find no clue what Moleskine is made of.
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Hiya Alan, nice to see a local in here.


that makes 2 of us!


i like a pilot v5. iv ruined too many pants with leaking g5's

why not just use a pencil? dosent bleed, no run no smear and writes at any angle. and if you lose it your not out very much


see yinz on the trails!

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I use a Fisher Space Pen (recommended by StaticTank) attached to a lanyard that I hang around my neck. Great for cold weather caching and it writes on those logs that are wet or damp from the rain or springime thaw (still waiting for that thaw here in SD as I look out the window to about 2-3 inches of snow on the ground and it's still falling). :anibad:

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