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LE and XLE Coins

crazybear and honey
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Hello All,


i only want to inform you that i have seen some special LE and XLE coins which would sell

to ebay.


Here are the links:


Eragon Saphira Geocoin Brass




CSI Geocoin Green Glitter




MegaPott Event Geocoin XLE Gold




Geocaching Dragon Geocoin extrem Rare




Use ure Brain Geocoin




Castle Man 2008 LE TWO TONE




I hope you like and you will find this coins.


If there any questions pleace contact me.


Best regards René

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Hello All,


i only want to inform you that i have seen some special LE and XLE coins which would sell

to ebay.


Seen? They are all from the same seller. You?


Yes this is correct.


My Problem is that i cant find in ebay my own coins.


Only over my account i can find the coins.


I think that is a problem to let people see the coins in ebay for bidding.


I´m not realy shure if i should stopp the auctions and start them again under the correct

adress from ebay.


Regards René

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I did a search for the user name listed in one of your links. I see 6 coins for sale. I wouldn't end the auctions as they are there.


If you can't find them it might be the search terms you used. The serach words have to appear in the title line or if you check the box then in the body of the listing.

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I did a search using "geocoin", and I can see two of your listed coins Eragon Saphira Geocoin and Geocoin MegaPottGold because you used "geocoin" in the title. The others are listed, just not under a "geocoin" search.


I don't know anything about listing ebay items, but if there is a way to edit the titles on your other auctions I would put "geocoin" in the title.

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