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I don't seem to be getting any geocaching emails to my Hotmail account. I've checked that my email address is correct and that Geocaching hasn't got put on my junk mail list.

I suspect mail has been going missing for about a week. My husband is getting messages to his NTL account so is it a Hotmail problem.

Thanks for any help


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I have checked the notifications and hotmail limit is 250mb and I had only used about 2% so I don't think that was the problem.

I changed the email address in the account page to another I had and then changed it back and I suddenly got a message to activate my account. So somehow it must have been deactivated -don't know how.

Will just have to wait and see if I get any messages now.

Thanks for the replies


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Just noticed that I have 'lost' 3 cache found notificatons so maybe there is a problem

Whoops and then one popped up about 45 mins after the log was placed on the cache page


Yup, something is definately up with the system somewhere - emails are taking an age to come through. More mice for the wheels please!



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People with Hotmail - Do all your GC.com emails get stopped with the nasty red header warning you that they might be unsafe?

I have gone through all my settings and filters and they all say to let them through. It looks like Microsofts Sender ID doesn't know it and therefore stops it. Anyone else?

No, my hotmail messages do not have the unsafe sender warning. As a previous poster mentioned I have now added GC address to my contacts list, so hopefully that will have helped. I'm now getting messages but I suspect the ones I missed in the week may be gone for good.



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